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The Real McCoy & Integrated Security Systems

It’s me Bob Maunsell here checking in with you to see if you had a great Memorial Day Weekend? If you’re in another part of the world, I hope you had an awesome weekend.

I chilled out this weekend… did a little grilling, watched a couple of movies with the wifey, took my daughter out to eat, and, of course, kicked backed and smoked a couple Cuban cigars out on the back deck with my posse.

Ladling On More Margin
I personally find it depressing that a lot of security dealers and integrators that do phenomenal security installs still have the inability to express to potential clients how truly awesome their security companies really are. Unfortunately, because of this, many are left to bid on low-margin projects, thus having the inability to “ladle on more margin” to their security installations.

Last time I checked more ***margin*** allows you to:
• pay down debt.
• sock money away in your 401K.
• purchase some splashy company vehicles.
• dine at fancy restaurants.
• take extended family vacations to exoctic locations.
• give your team members a much needed raise.
• put your children through college.
• buy a retirement hut (condo) in the Florida Keys.
• have the wherewithal to invest more $$$ in making more $$$.

There is nothing wrong with getting paid more money for your products and service.

If you were sitting on any corporate board today in America you would get your A$$ fired for not delivering maximum profits to the shareholders, and, in your case, my friend, your shareholders are your family.

Heck, if you’re a non-profit security company, you don’t need my advice.

Ok, Bob so how does this tie into increasing my profits…?

Here is my pricing formula:

Confidence + Storytelling + Killer Marketing Collateral = Fat Margin

The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy
“The real McCoy” is an idiom and metaphor used in much of the English-speaking world to mean “the real thing” or “the genuine article.” For example, “he’s the real McCoy.” The origin of the expression has been associated with Elijah McCoy’s oil-drip cup invention (patented in 1872). McCoy’s automatic lubricating cup distributed oil evenly to the steam engines of locomotives without the need of first having to shut them down. The railroad engineers looking to avoid inferior copies would request it by name, inquiring if a locomotive was fitted with “the real McCoy system.”

I love the phrase “The Real McCoy,” and when I think about security dealers and integrators, this phrase embodies what you want your prospects and clients to feel and say about you. And you should be reinforcing this message again and again within your marketing literature – That YOU are The Real McCoy when it comes to installing & maintaining sophisticated security systems.

I’ve designed a compelling marketing piece for security entrepreneurs (that I’ve dubbed The Real McCoy) that you should be using in your security business. Everyone needs a handout or a quick hot sheet extolling your virtues and to let folks know that your security company is completely awesome.

Now, I know it’s not the Christian thing to do – tooting your own horn, or saying I’m the greatest – but you’re in business and it’s super competitive out there in the marketplace. You should have a marketing piece that helps you stand out from the rest and gives a “preponderance of proof” to potential clients that YOU are The Real McCoy because no one, including me, wants to be taken for a ride by a fly-by-night security company.

The Real McCoy Marketing Piece

The Real McCoy Marketing Piece

You can get your hands on this killer marketing piece by…

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Also included in this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club…

Aris Editing May's Security Confidential

This Audio Is Awesome!

Security Confidential Audio Success CD How To Sell More GPS Systems:
Let’s say you installed a commercial intrusion system at a plumbing contractor’s warehouse and, after it was all said and done, you picked up one monitored account.

Just imagine if you said to the owner of the plumbing contractor, Hey Sam, how would you like it if I gave you a price to install GPS systems on your five service vehicles, and Sam said “yes.” Now that one account just went from 1 to 6 like that overnight.

I dare you to listen in on this 60 minute interview, where I interview one of my members, who has tripled his business by adding GPS systems to his bag of tricks. This audio CD is chock-full of actionable items you can use to boost your RMR.

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Special Report: A Cool Way To Generate More Repeat Business & Referrals From Existing Clients!
This is such a dead-cheap strategy to implement, you’d be a fool not to do it.

Special Report: I’m Going Mobile – You Coming Along?
Online technology is changing rapidly and mobile websites are taking over. Your website has to look, feel, read, navigate and function a certain way to attract security sales from your online visitors. Today’s consumers prefer to shop and get information by using their Smartphones. If you don’t embrace mobile technology, you WILL lose business big time. Get this report to learn more.

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Stay awesome my friend!


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