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The Recording System That Never Lies

If you’re thin-skinned, maybe you should just skip this email, cuz I’m warning you it’s pretty hard hitting and it takes no prisoners.

This Friday marks 110 days into 2012. The year will be just about a quarter done.

What have you accomplished so far this year?

What were those bold promises you made to yourself on January 1st, that 2012 was gonna be different?

The Recording System That Never Lies
Imagine that you had one of those reality TV film crews following you all day long, and has been filming you 24/7 over that last 110 days. What would we be seeing in the editing room? Did it film you doing the following:

Did it see you strategize your massive to-do-list every day and implementing it?

Did it see you dedicating time to new technologies to learn?

Did it see you making honest to goodness real investments in whatever education that can help you grow your business?

Did it see you putting new breakthroughs and ideas into action?

Or did it mostly see you squandering away your life and opportunities, squandering your education, disappointing those, again, who depend on you?

How about that the boom operator who’s holding the boom mic over you, what audio did he record?

How many daily excuses did it hear?

How much negative self-talk? How much woe-is me talk?

Did it listen to you fleecing your future, telling yourself you’re way too busy, too stressed out, too confused?

Did it hear you complaining that life’s too hard and just not fair?

Did it hear you griping that you should have just taken the easy way out and gotten a government job?

Did it hear you complaining over and over again that you’re just a one man operation, and you have no support from anyone.

If you wanna sit in a stupor dreaming about pie in the sky stuff…. if you want a time out on this life with dreams of reincarnation for the next one…. hey, it’s a free country man. But as far as I’m concerned you get ONE life. And this is it.


The worst thing you can EVER do is lie to yourself.

“I don’t really need to send a client newsletter out.”

“I’ve already tried that.”

“I’ll do that when I get busy again.”

“When Romney gets into office business will be easier and the economy will pick up.”

“Those business training course are too expensive.”

“Things always manage to work out OK.”

“Maybe I can negotiate the price of success just a little bit. For a little while, anyway.”

People who think that way always end up with the man’s boot on their dead neck. At their funerals, their friends talk about how well-intended they were, instead of celebrating what they actually DID.

If you think this is too harsh, unsubscribe.

If you think I’m self serving and I don’t have a right to be, unsubscribe.

If you know I’m speaking the truth, get busy.

The fruit in life
The fruit in life is out on a limb, that’s where success has always been out on a limb for the brave men and women who have the balls and fortitude to go get it. If you need new skill sets, you’ve probably already know it. Call my girl Jodi and get the marketing and training you need. Her phone number is 1-508-835-1123, or Skype her at SecurityMarketingGuru. Nobody’s gonna shove anything down your throat. You’ll just get some good, honest advice on what you need to get your business going.

And….if you put off thinking about this until someday, you’ve still made a decision.

Time waits for no man or woman. Once gone, it never comes back.

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