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The Worst Thing That Can Happen To Your Security Biz!

Do you know what’s the worst thing that can happen to your security biz?

Before I reveal what it is, let’s talk a little hockey action…

I’m awed at the total team effort it took to bring the Stanley Cup back home to Boston after 39 years. Of all the titles to win, the Stanley Cup is by far the hardest. To win 16 games, is a two month all out death march and a war of attrition to Lord Stanley Cup. And you can’t rely on just “ONE” person to win the the holy grail of hockey, you need an entire team.

To build a successful sports organization or a successful security business you can’t rely on just “ONE” person to be successful. What happens if your top goal scorer goes down, or your top sales rep or security tech walks out the door and leaves you in a lurch. If you don’t have solid back-up replacements, then you’ve set yourself up for a catastrophic disaster and an early exit from the playoffs.

Here are some examples of why you shouldn’t be dependent on just one person or one system…

One Source Of Leads
Having only ONE method of acquiring new client leads (Major Freakin’ Disaster, and Not a Good Business Strategy!) Perhaps the most common question I get asked from security entrepreneurs is, “What’s the best way to get new clients?” Many are looking for the proverbial “Silver Bullet.” The answer for getting new client leads is having a bunch of ways to bring in pre-quailified, pre-motivated, pre-sold new security prospects through the door. So in case ONE source dries up, you won’t you won’t be left high and dry with no new leads coming in.

One Supplier or Manufacturer
I believe it’s good to have working relationships with three or even four different supply houses. The goal of every supplier is to “lock in” all your business, so they have a mini-monopoly over you. By relying on only one supply house, you’ll have less price awareness and likely to be taken to the cleaners with higher supply costs. Having 3-4 supply houses on your beck-and-call will give you more price options and confidence that you can buy your equipment at a better price and put more money in your pocket.

One Line Of Credit
Having only “ONE” line of credit (this is a biggie.) You should have a couple of different lines of credit from different banks, just in case your credit lines gets yanked or reduced (this can happen in recessions.) If you have several lines of credit, you won’t be caught with your pants down and you’ll have more access to cash to help grow your business more rapidly.

One Security Tech
Having “ONE” security technician with all your technical knowledge and proprietary installation techniques walk out the door, for a $1.00 more per hour raise, to a competitor and leave you stranded. This is why it’s so important to have a team of techs that area all “CROSS-TRAINED” on all the security systems and installation techniques, so that your not co-dependant on any one security tech that can hold you hostage if he or she walks out the door.

One Security Sales Rep
Have only ONE security sales rep to drum up business for you. What happens if he/she flees for a slightly generous commission plan. This is why it so dang important to have a 24/7/365 Robotic Security Selling System in place that works as your virtual sales reps to drive home pre-qualified sales leads.

The Great One!
During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I saw an interview with Wayne Gretzky, he was asked what it takes to win a Stanley Cup (Wayne won four Stanley Cups back in the day) and Wayne said that there are three levels of hockey that you can play, regular season hockey, playoff hockey, and Stanley Cup hockey. Winning the Stanley Cup and having a super successful and lucrative security business doesn’t happen by accident, it takes hard work, tenacity, and brass balls.

The bottom line is you want to prepare your business by having rock-solid, multi-faceted systems in place that give you options when issues arise that challenge your primary mode or solution. No one wants chaos to arise when things don’t go as planned or a key employee walks out the door work. Carefully avoiding “ONE” will go a long way toward helping you achieve stability and consistency in your business.

So, I hope you get the idea…the worst number in your security business is ONE.

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