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There’s Gotta Be Someone To Blame

Most people prefer a damn good excuse to a damn good opportunity.

And most folks blame a lot of other people for whatever they don’t like about their own lot in life. If they are 200lbs overweight, it’s the parents fault for raising them on eating caveman-style portions of Salisbury Steaks & Mac’ N Cheese, or Mickey D’s and Colonel Sanders fault.

If they’re not doing well financially, they’d like to blame Obama, the economy, evil boss, lack of education, and, last but not least, their next door neighbor.

If they own their own business and aren’t doing as well as they should, then it’s ADT, the door-knockers, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, and any trunk slammers fault. Funny thing is, it’s never their own fault.

Here’s a life changing idea, it actually does not matter what composite of cause there may or may not be. Neither blaming or excusing-making has any value or power whatsoever to make your life better. It is a total, utter unmitigated waste of friggin’ time. I ask security dealers all the time: “Do you wanna be right or rich?” Because here’s the “Magic Formula” for unlimited success, health, wealth, prosperity, and sleeping like a baby at night.



One regulates the other. If you want more control over what you experience in life, you must take more responsibility for what you want to experience in life.

There’s a funny cartoon of a kid handing his Dad a report card with all Big Fat “F’s.” Kid says: “Which do you think it is Pop, genetics or environment?”

Could be both. But it’s likely the kid can exert control over either one. What could he take responsibility for – better study habits, more time spent studying, finding serious study partners, improving his reading skills. And, if he did, his grades would go up, regardless of genetics or environment. To be fair, the kid might not know all this. But you do.

Delusional Money Chanting Syndrome
Look, you can deny it if you want, recite delusional “money chants” and hope for the best… but the economy has changed the way money is moving. And I don’t think it’s EVER going back to how it was just a few years ago.

We’re at a precarious time when what works and what doesn’t work to make money has changed dramatically. Nowadays, you have to be totally in tune and up to date with the changes in buyer motivations and spending habits.

If you don’t know how to strategically react to these constant changes in…

– Your advertising copy

– Customer acquisition programs.

– “Reason to buy” presentations.

– Customer retention programs.

– Systematically getting Google + Reviews.

You’re going to lose out on at least HALF of your potential sales and income. Maybe more.

Or worse, you may not even BE in business next year. The choice is yours. If you want to swing for the fences and hit the big home runs in 2013 and beyond, you need to know the most advanced and cutting-edge security marketing strategies, techniques, tactics, tricks, secrets and successful sales models that are working right NOW.

Six years ago, you probably could have coasted along with a firm handshake and a big toothy smile without all this stuff and done OK. But not anymore…

Start kickin’ ass, my friend, by joining myself and other security dealers who are kickin’ ass in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club today!

The Smokin’ Security Newsletter Is Stuffed Fatter Than A Thanksgiving Turkey… There’s No Portion Control Whatsoever With This Issue!!

Special Report # 1 – Killing The Pricing Terrorist Once And For All
If you discover that you are providing more value, then you NEED to learn how to effectively communicate that value you’re delivering. Most security | Integrators companies way overdeliver, and undercharge for their services. Stand up and ask for the $$$ you deserve. Discover how to charge more dinero for your services.

– Common Traits of A Wealthy Security Entrepreneurs.

– 14 Dirt-Cheap Strategies To Continually & Effortlessly Separate Yourself From The Competition.

The Novembers Smokin’ Security Newsletter Is Stuffed With Exhibits.

– Exhibit # 1- An Amazing 32 & 73 Point Security Audits Business Card.

– Exhibit # 2 – The Best Central Station AD I’ve Ever Seen!

– Exhibit # 3 – The BEST Owners Guarantee In A Business… You’ve Got To Check It Out!

– Exhibit # 4 – Vomit Bag Marketing – How’s This For An Idea: Sick & Tired of Security Systems That Just Don’t Work As Promised or Poor After-The-Sale Service From The Installer?

– Exhibit # 5 – Selling Service Contracts With Your Technicians – You Won’t Believe This Awesome Example Of How To Use Your Techs To Sell Service Contracts… It’s Brain Dead Easy!

– Exhibit # 6 – I’ve A Member Who Installs 150 DMP Panels Per Month, You Got To Get Your Hands On His New Model Homes Strategies… If You Want To Jump Up To The Big Leagues!

– Exhibit # 7 – Got Fire Alarm Problems – I Have A Member Who Shared With Me His “Money-Making” Fire Alarm Service Inspection Postcard. Everytime He Mails It Out It Hauls in $$$$. If You do any type of FACP Service Work, You Gotta Get Your Hands On This!

-Exhibit # 8 – Blowing Your Techs Up On Google + – I Have A Crazy Member Who Is A Serious Stud Online Marketing Whiz… You Should See How He Outrageously Promotes His Technicians On Google +!

-Exhibit # 9 – The Power Of Free Publicity and Leveraging Social Media. One Of My Members Got A Killer Write Up In The Local Newspaper, You Gotta See What He Did With It Using Social Media!!!

-Exhibit # 10 – If You’re InTo Cartoons and Cool Van Logos – This Is a Must See Exhibit For Everyone Talking About Your Service Vehicles.

Oh, Before I forget, here’s one more reason to take me up on this month’s issue…

Audio Success CD: The 6 Golden Keys To Building A Highly Valuable Security Business! With my good friend Kelly Bond on how to make your business desirable and highly valuable.

Start kickin’ ass NOW and join me and other successful security dealers in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club today!

Peace, out.

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