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This Is What A Father Is Suppose To Be!

I recently read a heart-warming post on Google +, from one of my SMG Security Mavericks Coaching Club members, that really hit home for me. The post is about how instrumental and inspirational a father can be. I can say that I was raised by a truly great man that grew up on a potato farm in Ireland. He worked his butt off to get to America and worked even harder here. He instilled strong work ethics and great family values into his five children. I can never truly thank him enough for being such a wonderful, giving father. On the other side of my thoughts below on what a father should be, I’ll share with you the Google + post that generated this email.

This Is What A Father Is Suppose To Be!
A father must be there to set an example for his children, a strong and positive model of who, what, and how to behave in life, and a model for the children to aspire to be.

Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating. Children need good role models in life more than they need critics. It is one of a father’s greatest responsibilities and opportunities.

Too often fathers neglect it because they get so caught up chasing the almighty buck and closing the next deal, that the family and the kids are an afterthought.

You have one shot through this thing called life, so why not have it all, see it, do it all, and have a family life that is second-to-none?

Just How Lucky I Am
by David Strange of eFire & Security

David Strange E fire, Inc.

David Strange E fire, Inc.

My Thoughts today are on… just how lucky I am.. Every Day I am surrounded by Amazing people with Amazing Talents. People who love what they do and Love taking care of people and businesses. When people ask how long I have been in Fire Protection, I always say since birth. I grew up in this industry. My Dad the Pioneer, the Visionary.. A man that inspires me every day. Amazing people have built E Fire from the Ground up. Amazing E Fire People go out every day and take care of our Amazing Clients. From Fire Extinguishers to Fire Alarms to Fire Sprinklers to Fire Suppression Systems to Restaurant Hood Cleaning to Security Systems to Camera Systems to Access Control… We Love what we do and we love protecting people and property… The people at E Fire NEVER Cease to Amaze Me!

Questions For You…
Will your kids give you an amazing shout out like David Strange did for his dad? Do you inspire your children to take the family business to the next level? Will your children be this inspired to champion your clients, and treat their techs and office staff like rock stars?

Have an awesome week!


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