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TNT – I’m Dynamite (oi,oi)

Those lyrics have been ringing inside of my head since I saw AC/DC in cawncert (concert) at The Baaw-stin Gah-din (Boston Garden) it was a “FRINKIN’ WICKED” goodtime! My wife and two girls are singing it around the house, as I write this security marketing blog post, that’s how much I’ve been saying it…T.N.T  I’m dynamite. What I wuz thinking about after that “WICKED KILLER” AC/DC concert as I was driving my cah (car) home on The Pike (Massachusetts Turnpike)? I was thinking how much money AC/DC has  made in royalties from that song  over the years…Shoot… just think of how much loot there entire music catalog has made the boy’s from Sydney, Australia over the years… Huge Dineros…  Yea the security industry has hundred ways of generating Recurring Revenue; this term was derived from the recording industry terminology “Rock Star Royalties”, I personally like RSR instead of RMR.

What dealers and integrators pay absolutely no attention to are the sheets of music, the guitar riff’s, melodies, and drum solo’s … a platinum album i.e. a direct mail piece, a client newsletter, Y.P. Ad, a lead generation “tearsheet”. A great ad is the equivalent of having a platinum album in your record show case at home, something that you can mail out over and over again, to pull in new high-paying clients and convert these folks into income streams for your rest of your life. In the marketing/direct mail industry this is know has having a “control” piece, a piece that brings home slabs of bacon every time you mail it out. Just like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west it’s an old reliable, I have at least a dozen platinum albums in my record showcase, that have pulled in multiple millions of dollars over the years.

I’m also very good at writing  songs, not per say rock songs, but lets just  say musical parables, and metaphors  for the security industry, so I’m gonna give ya a small taste of one of my best selling songs of all time… Here’s a sampling of what people have told me are there  all time favorite songs, and a couple of verses from each song to boot…

Track # 1- “The Expert Fairy” – The expert fairy is not gonna walk through your office door, and smack you over the head with her magic wand and say Lonnie I pronounce you to be “The King of CCTV Install” , you just  have to anoint yourself the expert of and become the King…

Track # 2- “Toll Booths” – Having M.I.S. (multiple income streams), in your business, to bring in more Rock Star Royalties (RSR), not having just one little piddly stream, but 10 streams that combine into a raging torrent of recurring revenue.

Track # 3- “Operation Money Suck” – Concentrating on the $250 an hour work such as marketing your security business, creating J.V.’s (joint ventures) with other like min-minded people, and getting out and selling your wares…not busying yourself with the $10 an hour work. Like running to the supply house to pick up stock that any old jmoke can do.

Track # 4- “Smart Bomb Selling” – Flying over a profitable niche in your B-1 stealth bomber and dropping laser guide marketing material into your target’s hands that blows these high paying folks away, forever locking them into your fold. Also positioning yourself as “The Security Guru” (TM) so they want to call you with there security needs instead of M.C.L. Security Integrators a.k.a. Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Track # 5- “Hot Chick in High School” – Remember trying to pick up that smoking hott chick in high school, and she wanted nothin’ cuz you had NO game. If you have in place “HOT Personality Driven Marketing” the HOTTEST clients are always going to be chasing you down…Remember everybody wants what they can’t have… Now that’s like having Austin Powers Mojo….This sort of thing is my bag… baby…!

This is just a sampling of the song’s that I write about every month  in my best selling Smokin’ Security Newsletter that’s read in over 6 countries… yea baby… If you dig my  weekly security marketing email, my “Smokin Security Newsletter” is off the hook for learning “HOW TO CREATE PLATINUM ALBUMS” for life.

Hey at this point in your career you probably don’t have to read another trade rag for the rest of your life, you’ve got a head full of technical knowledge, but being the best technically doesn’t necessarily mean people will be flocking to your door. Through improving your marketing knowledge you can become that proverbial “Rock Star” at attracting the most loyal fan base predisposed to do business with you. One of the highest paying functions within your business is the marketing.The Big Dinero’s is in marketing the “thingy” not in installing the “thingy”.

A critical shift in thinking is moving from “worker bee” to “queen bee” mindset, it’s a major mental-shift to begin learning how to create a referral system, door hangers, oversized postcards, google-adwords, Y.P. ad’s, killer postcards, how to put together a sales letter, but when you get this skill and knowledge it’s like having a money plant in your own backyard, where you can walk outside and pluck $100bills off whenever the heck you want one.

The Smokin’ Security Newsletter is the only security marketing newsletter of it’s kind on the planet that teaches security dealers the nut’s & bolt’s of marketing an asset (your low-voltage biz). You need more bandwidth to think outside the box, this monthly publication gives you that and a whole lot more!

You can turn your back on me right now and ignore everything that I’ve said- but why? Maybe my “Smokin’ Security Newsletter” can save you from the money worries and day-to-day drudgery. Maybe it can’t? If you don’t try, you’ll never find out!

Hey one more time from the top boy’s & girls let’s kick the chorus line in …CHORUS

T.N.T. Oi, oi, oi
T.N.T. Oi, oi, oi
T.N.T. Oi, oi, oi
T.N.T. Oi, oi, oi
T.N.T. Oi
I’m dynamite (oi, oi)

Yer cigar smokin’ friend,


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