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Tony Soprano As Your Marketing Coach

I’ve been watching some re-runs of The Sopranos on the in-demand channel from our cable provider. I found this one episode titled “Kennedy & Heidi” and it’s the one where Christopher Moltisanti gets “whacked” by Tony.  This is probably one of my favorite episodes.

They’re both driving down the highway in Chrissie’s Escalade and he’s high on drugs and Chrissie’s cranking up the tune “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd.

All of a sudden Christopher drives over the white lines and has to swerve back and the car ends up going over the banking. Then Tony does what he does best and “whacks” Christopher, his right-hand-man, who turned into a weak link for the crew.

I really miss this HBO series a lot and think Big “T” had some good ideas that I can re-purpose into some great security marketing tips for you.  So for this email I’m gonna take on the voice of “T” and pretend we’re all sitting in the back room at Satriale’s Pork Store and T’s giving his crew a little pep-talk about collections and being a good mafioso and creating value for “clients” in this new economy.

Let’s listen in as he talks to Paulie Walnuts, Christopher Moltisanti, Bobby Bacala, Silvo Dante, Ralphie Cifaretto:

1. “Forgeddabout” yourself, focus on others
Uncertain times like this can drive people into isolation, and feeling helpless.

The best strategy is get outside yourself and help other people, and by going in the opposite direction, you expand your connections with other people, and focusing less on yourself and more on others; your turning a negative into a positive.

When you do this you become a source of strength and confidence for other people.

2. “Forgeddabout” your security business, and focus on building your relationships.
“Bob you must be freakin’ nuts to tell me to forget about my bread & butter security business!”

I’m not, so please let me explain guys…In uncertain times, buyers become frightened and hold on to their loot more.

A more strategic approach is to focus on building the “TRUST TUNNEL” deeper, and deeper with all your relationships- family, friends, clients, prospects, and techs, and the office staff – throw them some love.

Every time you reinforce and strengthen your relationship, the need for your security services will increase.

3. “Forgeddabout” the quick sale, focus on creating immense value.
“Bob you’re really losing me now…  For starters you want me to ‘forgeddabout’ my security business and now you want me to “forgeddabout” the sale!”

I haven’t lost my marbles I just have all my marbles to work with…that’s the big difference. Most people don’t like being sold even in the best of times. When the future is less certain, they turn off and hang up, and sometime slam the door in your face.

But what people want is more VALUE for their money, and so you have to deliver more BANG for the buck, but you still don’t have to be the cheapest installer in town…as long as prospects see a “use value” greater than the “cash value” they are outlaying, they will be drawn to you and find you more alluring than the cheapo quotes.

One way to boost your value and to make you more alluring is to provide incredible guarantees.  Now is the time for more OUTRAGEOUS guarantees for your products & services.  So if you can come up with 3-4 OUTRAGEOUS guarantees for your installs you’ll be the chosen dealer.

4. “Forgeddabout” the future, focus on today.

The “future” is an abstract thought. The only future that has any reality is the present moment that you create for yourself each day.

“Do, everyday, ALL that you be done that day!”

If you focus your time & energy, as to what you can do over the course of each 24hour period, you’ll be the resident expert on the future.

5. “Forgeddabout” about who you were, focus on who you can be.
Many people define themselves by external circumstance beyond their control, when things change abruptly or unexpectedly , they don’t know who they are, so they keep trying be who they used to be.

Shoot, when things change you better change. From now on start listening to your inner little-guy and start creating new dreams, and bigger goals to shoot for, and create a whole new operating system for you and your company.

6. “Forgeddabout” what’s missing, focus on what’s available to you.
When things change your playbook changes.  You can’t rely on what use to work in the OLD economy because this is a NEW emerging economy with NEW RULES.  Things have changed so you need to acquire a new playbook with new X’s + O’s.

When you create a new game plan you gain new confidence in yourself and continue to grow as a person and a company.

7.“Forgeddabout” your complaints, focus on your gratitude
When times get tough, you have a fundamental choice to make: to whine like a petulant, little baby or to be grateful that you’re alive, breathing and above ground and are ready for a good street fight!

In an environment where everyone around you is a “Negative Ned” it’s extremely hard to be a “Positive Pete”, but the choice is yours, that is, to be negative or grateful.

I choice to be grateful, because negativity is a toxic cancer that will metastasize and spread like wild fire.

What I’ve noticed about the Negative Ned’s of the world is that they are loaded with DOUBT, FEAR, and WORRY and these 3 ingredients don’t attract money – they repel it!

Gratitude, on the other hand, creates opportunity and prosperity.  A grateful mind is focused on the best possible outcome. It attracts good things into your life and creates favorable circumstances.

So start focusing on on everything that you are grateful for (i.e. your wife, or hot girlfriend, kids, parents, family, friends, your health…your health is your wealth!)

Tony would probably want to take a hit out on me for being so gentle with you guys and gals on this email, but I have to end it with just one more “touchy-feely” line:

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”

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