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Top Secret Clearance – Street Fighting Man

Top Secret Clearance…

I just got off the phone with a gentleman that recently signed up for my security marketing coaching program.  For simplicity sake, and to protect his privacy, let’s call him “Agent X”.  He’s only been in the security industry for a short period of time (4 months to be exact) and has decided to join my Security Maverick Coaching program to give himself a short-cut to success.

On the 1-on-1 personal interview that I conduct with every security dealer that joins my program, I like to find out a little bit about every new member’s background story and their vision for the future.

Boy oh boy was I surprised when “Agent X” told me about his background history. He had a “Top Security Clearance,” oversaw multiple security systems and was in charge of security system installations for the DOD (Department of Defense).

That’s a great background story for anyone starting a security business!  But it gets even better!! I was blown away about the “MASSIVE ACTION” he has already taken in the past 4 months since he left his “Top Secret” post.

Please pay attention here so you can see everything “Agent X” has IMPLEMENTED in his security business so far…

Street Fighting Man…

I gotta tell yah something…while everyone else is hiding in their bunkers heating their C-Rations over a sterno flame, sipping their Kool-Aid out of a tin cup, and listening to the emergency radio for signs of life above ground…“Agent X” has been confronting the enemy head-on and moving forward his front line in the battlefield.  His has not been sitting cozy in a bunker waiting for this howling nuclear-economic storm cloud to pass.  Why?  Cuz he’s a legitimate street fighting man!  Check out what he’s already laid down in the past four months in his security company.  He has:

1-    Hired a telemarketing firm for cold calling.
2-    The 1st telemarketing company he hired was performing poorly, he quickly pulled a “Donald,” said your fired, and went out and got himself another telemarketing firm that’s setting up twice the appointments as the first.
3-    Hired over 150 “door knockers” to go around town and drum up business.
4-    Canned over 90% of the “dead beat” door knockers that couldn’t close sales.
5-    In the process of setting up a residential direct mail campaign.
6-    Is out driving to different parts of the state in his car looking at more territories where he can send more door knockers to secure more market share.
7-    In the process of setting up living quarters where his new team of door knockers will reside in this new territory.

Hey there Kimosabe, that’s a lot of MASSIVE ACTION from “Agent X” and that’s what it takes to make hay in a slooow, stagnant economy!

What’s very insightful about “Agent X” is that he didn’t throw in the towel when met with adversity and he didn’t blame it on the economy. With foreclosures up in his area and rising everyday, he didn’t give up and he didn’t say cold calling doesn’t work or door knocking is a waste of time.  He just experimented, implemented and refined his resources as needed.   He understands the game of business and it’s just a matter of time until the planets align according to his grand plan.

So if you want to throw in the towel, dude, now is the time! All you have to do so is blame it on the economy of 2009.  It would be easy to get away with it cuz nobody would blame your failure on anything but the economy – even though you know deep down you didn’t try everything and anything! But, you’d know who to blame on your lack of trying – you can’t fool the man in the mirror!

Security Marketing Lion…

I also would like to add that “Agent X” is 63 years of age. Most older lions’ ability to hunt is not as strong as a younger lion.  But, “Agent X” defies that philosophy. At 63 years old, he is just starting to sharpen his claws and teeth, and hone his hunting skill in the security arena.  4 months into the game, and he’s already learned and acquired many skills needed to make his new security venture a smokin’ success!

Infant lion cubs are taught their hunting skills at a very young age.  Understand that the last animal to starve in the jungle is the lion, cuz it’s always hunting!  Here’s a thumb-nail version of what I discussed during my phone interview with “Agent X”:

1-    During the 1-on-1 call we created a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that his telemarketers can use when they’re placing calls to get away from the “FREE” pitches that the other BIG security companies use (you know the ones!)

2-    We came up with a “Community Awareness” program that can be put together for peanuts.

3-    We also outlined four (4) strategic joint venture partners that are always looking for ethical security dealers to give security system leads to.

4-    Creating “Robotic Security Selling Strategies™” that work 24/7/365 – without a hitch!

Income Stream….

“Agent X” wanted a bench mark to compare his business to what other security dealers are doing in business. To be honest, I said, “X, there aren’t many independents that have done what you’ve done!”

In the last four months, he’s installed 70 residential security systems.  The monitoring on that is $39 per month.  That’s $39 x 70 = $2,730.00 per month in RMR!

If “Agent X” sticks with his marketing plan – which I know he will – he’ll average 210 installs in one year’s time and be racking in $8,190 per month in RMR (or $98,280 per year!)…and that’s just one year’s effort!

What if we look at his 5 year effort?  Averaging 70 install in 4 months would be 210 installs in a year and 1,050 installs in 5 years.  At $39 per month in monitoring, “Agent X” would be hauling in $40,950 per MONTH in RMR and $491,400 per YEAR in RMR!

Image if he went after service contracts and cellular backup monitoring, too?  Or, if he went after upgrades like, panic rooms, video surveillance, intercoms, or a perimeter detection system?  Wow, would he be a FAT CAT!

With a quarterly client newsletter (that “Agent X” is now getting as a bonus in my Smokin’ Security Newsletter – and intends to use!) it does the selling for you and makes these kinds of add-ons and upgrades a piece of cake!

The 5 Yard Line…

Most people quit after the 1st sign of difficulty and hardship, not realizing that they give up way to easy on their dreams and not knowing that the ball is on the 5 yard line.

Write this down and live your life according to it…

Dave Kekich’s Credo #75:  “Persistence is a sure path to success with quality activities. Never, ever, ever, give up.”

“I will do this” is the only attitude that works. “I’ll try” or “I think” doesn’t work and will not cut it in this marketplace.

Peace, Out!

Bob Maunsell

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