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Tough Times – How Security Dealers Can Make Their Green- Backs Go Farther

We are in a deep recession and it might be years before the economy is booming again. So now is the perfect time to be working out some new  security marketing efforts on your best customers, remember your mind and your body are a muscle and they  both need to exercised daily for strength, and endurance and longevity.  Not to say you shouldn’t be prospecting for new customers, too!  We all need to add new customers to our database on a regular basis because it’s obviously more lucrative and because existing customers move on or go out of business so that list thins out over time.  Here are some quick strength  building exercising for your next  security marketing campaign that you should be utilizing in your security business to build massive strength:

* Advertising on other websites
* Affiliate marketing
* Card packs
* Co-op mailings
* Direct mail to customers
* Direct mail to prospects
* Direct response radio advertising
* Direct response space advertising
* E-mail to customers
* E-mail to prospects
* Package inserts
* Search engine marketing
* Search engine optimization
* Statement stuffers
* Telemarketing  (inbound, including 800#s)

Now go Smoke Your Competition!


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