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Tough Times – How Security Dealers Can Make Their Greenbacks Go Farther!

Things have slowed down drastically in the economy, consumers sure aren’t spending dollar-sign1what they use to and I’ve talked to more than a few dealers who are really strapped for cash right now. Despite what you might think, recessions and slow downs are an excellent time to ramp up your marketing efforts since most of your competition isn’t, you might even be able to pull a few lucrative clients out of their herd and into yours! Now is a perfect time to focus your security marketing efforts on proven and cost effective marketing strategies. We all need to add new customers to our database on a regular basis. Here are a some marketing methods that you could be utilizing in your marketing efforts, despite your cash flow:

Advertising on other websites ( banner ads on popular local/region websites or pay-per click ads on are tremendous! $30-$150 a month)
Affiliate marketing
Card packs (sticking one of the postcards we designed for you in a mass card mailing, typically $200-1000 paid over 2-3 months)
Co-op mailings (joint venture mailings, team up with a locksmith/Electrical Contractor and split the mailing costs)
Radio advertising (See if a local up and coming radio host would mind giving you a 5 minute interview)
E-mail to customers ( or constant $20 a month)
E-mail to prospects
Package inserts
Search engine marketing (google adwords pay-per click)
Search engine optimization (FREE check out my site or keep reading the Smokin’ Newsletter for more strategies)
Statement Stuffers (improve your “Shock and Awe” quote packs)

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