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Tuesday’s Gone

It was the day before Thanksgiving and I was sitting at a traffic light with my daughters in the car. The air was cold, the sky was grey, and it had just start snowing out as we made our merry way to Starbucks to pick up a pound of Christmas Blend Espresso coffee beans for Natasha.

The kids and I were listening to WAAF 107.3 FM radio when one of my all-time favorite songs came on from Lynyrd Skynyrd, called “Tuesday’s Gone.” It’s a real beauty of a song, and can really tug on the good ole heart strings.

Tuesday’s Gone Like The Wind
The genesis of this song is about the band’s frontman, Ronnie Van Zant’s, realization that his normal life was forever over with the band’s new MCA/Sounds of the South record deal. “Tuesday” representing life as it was, is gone with the wind.

But what Ronnie Van Zandt didn’t understand at the time was that this song would go on to make the band fabulously wealthy through musical royalties paid out over the last 41 years for the song.

You might not have a hit record on your hands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, that’s paying you out royalties year after year, but you do most certainly have monitored contracts and RMR at your disposal.

As I said the song is a beautiful melancholy song about loss and moving on. What I think is even sadder is not closing every security sale that you’re in front of and building up your monitoring RMR retirement account, so it’s paying you generous royalties month after month, rain or shine.

It’s a doggone-shame… If you’re not closing more security installs, and building up the RMR gravy train.

Cuz it’s Tuesday today, and it’s almost gone. I’d like to let you in on a very special offer for 5 security peeps that are looking for a deal, and a jump-start on 2015.

It’s My Fault…
You see I’ve been so busy, that I’ve forgotten to shamelessly pitch my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club for the month of November, and boy-oh-boy it’s jacked with money-making materials, so that you can close more sales, and haul-in more RMR gold.

But here’s what I’m going to do for the first 5 peeps who sign up for the club, is give them the November and December issues of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter™ for the dirt-cheap price of $19.95, and then start the normal membership price in January 2015 at $97.00 per month, which is just a ridiculously low-price for everything you get as a Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club member. So in essence, you get two month’s worth of membership for only $19.95!

Here’s What You Get In The November Issue:

Special Report # 1: How To Hire A Professional & Ethical Security Company

How To Hire A Professional & Ethical Security Company

How To Hire A
Professional & Ethical Security Company

This piece is such a great piece to offer new prospects because it alleviates the fear, doubt, and resistance you encounter with new prospects, especially the ones that don’t Know, Like and Trust you – yet (the KLT principle). Let me explain why.

This piece…
• Proves that all security companies are NOT the same.

• Addresses the PRICE problem (before you even get your foot in the door) by using the strongest motivational factor – FEAR – to persuade folks to stay clear of the cheaper security installers. The fear of using a cheaper installer, that typically cannot afford worker’s comp or liability insurance or to pay for background checks on its employees, is NOT worth the risk!

•Alleviates any misgivings or safety concerns about your technicians coming into their home or office because your installers are all background/CORI checked.

•Offers a powerful guarantee that completely covers the consumer, removing any doubt or fear from the purchasing process.

•Proves your company is Professional and Ethical because your employees are all state licensed, background checked and rigorously certified (BTW, if you aren’t already, you should get IQ Certified).

All that from one little piece!

How can you disperse this little beauty to prove you ARE the Professional & Ethical security dealer of choice? Well, let me tell yah…

Special Report # 2 – How A Powerful Guarantee Can Help You Close More Security Sales

How A Powerful Guarantee Can Help You Close More Security Sales

How A Powerful Guarantee Can Help
You Close More Security Sales

Most security dealers don’t pay a lick of attention to their guarantees…. if they even have one at all. Every security dealer should be guaranteeing their products and services. Customers, especially security customers, base much of their buying decision on a company’s guarantee. Think of all the things that could go wrong with the security products we supply and install. People are certainly cognizant of this. They want a strong guarantee – one that assures them that if something goes wrong, they are completely covered and you will respond to their needs immediately!

Without a guarantee, most consumers will not feel comfortable or confident buying your security systems. They’ll feel as if you don’t believe in your services enough to make sure they get the security results they’re looking for (and paying for!), which inevitably leaves them guessing: what kind of security company doesn’t stand behind their products and services? The end result: they’ll find another security dealer (a.k.a your competitor) that does guarantee their services.

In this 3 Minute Marketing Report, I do NOT want to get into the nitty-gritty of why you need a guarantee (hint: it’ll increase your sales) because we’d end up with a 6 Minute Marketing Report. Instead, I’d like to give you three examples of unique styles of guarantees I almost never see people use these days.

Shoot… plus you get an 18 Wheeler stuffed full of 1st & 2nd round bonus, just for being a member.

You snooze you lose, You know that I never offer up a deal like this to join my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club Program.

Tuesday’s Gone Like The Wind at 12:00PM EST.

Stay Cool & Have a Profitable Week!


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