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Two Incredibly Easy Ways To Make Your Security Products and Services Unique

Discover The Secret “Lure” To Being The Big Fish In A Small Pond
There are literally hundreds of small fishing holes, within 5-10 miles of your office, that you can go fishing in for new clients…anytime you’d like.

Do you want to learn how to zone in on specific target neighborhoods…prime fishing waters… where you can dominate the market with your targeted security marketing messages…you’ll realize the greatest selling potential with these strategy – learning how to catch “fish” at will!

This is your last chance to get your hands on this months issue of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter. For less than the All Star Breakfast at the Waffle House, you can test-drive the newsletter and also get 2 free back issues and 4 free audio success CDs…all for the ridiculously low price of $5.95 (just to cover the shipping cost.)

So what are you waiting for!  I’m giving you the fishing pole and the bait and leading you to waters teaming with fish, all YOU need to do is get on board the Security Marketing Guru’s fishing boat!  So subscribe today!

BONUS HANDOUT In This Month’s Issue Of The Smokin Security Newsletter:  Get A Client Handout, Used For Pre-Selling Your Services, That Offers The Best Customer Guarantee Ever  Written….It is so Powerful That I GUARANTEE You’ll Get the Job on This GUARANTEE Alone!

This incredible handout is one of the first pieces I ever created for a private security client of mine, and it closed over $30K, in an access control project, on it’s first use.  It’s designed for pre-selling security and low voltage services…mail it out prior to conducting your security audit and watch the doubt and skepticism go away and a new level of trust, faith and confidence, in you and your services, develop in your prospect!  Believe me, you get more service if you guarantee something up front.

BTW: This handout, with it’ s stellar guarantee, can be tweak for locksmiths, CCTV installers, Electrical Contractors, Home Automation Experts, Fire Alarm Installers, Satellite Yahoos, GPS Installers, and so on.

Check out the audio clip I left for  you to listen, that will teach you the science of how to “lure” monster fish (a.k.a. customers) in any body of water and easily hall them in! I’ve also included some sample “fishing maps” (from all over the USA) showing you the most lucrative “waters” of where affluent clientele swim. Also check out the  security guarantee handout on my blog.


Big weekend for New England, Celtics take on the mighty King James and the Cavaliers while the Bruins battle with the streaking Flyers!

Have a Gr8 weekend!

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