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U.K. Security Dealers That Don’t Have Websites

Last week I posted the following comment on all of my social media platforms, and I received an interesting reply from a U.K. based security dealer. Here is social media post, that generated the reply.


Here is the response I received on Facebook from Ian who lives in the UK.

Some Security businesses I know here in the North east of UK don’t even have a website, as most people do not look for their Security needs online or in Social Media. In 2013 I have had 10 online enquirers with 2 of them turning into clients. Most of my clients are word of mouth people talking to people.

My 2 Cents

Hi Mark,
With the omnipresence of mobile smartphones and tablets, it’s becoming a very small minority of folks who don’t go online to find/research a service provider. If you have a professional security business, you need a website. Period. Word-of-mouth referrals are the best to get because the referred person is more apt to do business with you since they heard how great you are from a trusted source.

But even these word-of-mouth referrals will go on the internet to check you out and get your contact info. If you’re not having success with online sales, then check out your website’s sales funnels and make sure you have funnels in place that attract and capture the two types of folks coming to your site – those looking to BUY NOW and those looking for MORE INFO.

The other thing you should look at it is how are you letting the general populace know you have a website? If you search for security dealers in your neck of the woods, who/what comes up? In other words, is your site optimized to show up at or near the top of the search engine results page (i.e. SEO). Thanks Bob

Have an ESP (Easy, Successful, and Profitable) Week!


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