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Using Video To Get Ur Security Biz On The 1st Page of Google

Couple of days ago Rick Miller and myself shot a succinct little video outside in my driveway on how to go about getting your security business on to the first page of Google using video.

Rick is awesome, as usual, giving you a blow-by-blow analysis of what you need to do… if being seen on the front page of Google is important to you (It freakin’ better be!)

I would sure hope so that being on the 1st page is something you’re interested in because you and I both know that if someone is looking for something online that’s related to security, they rarely go past the 1st page.

So as per always, I like to educate folks about everything and anything that can be done to attract clients that PAY, STAY, and REFER.

But before you can have a client, you have a prospect, first and foremost.

So you gotta have a whole lotta leads (prospects) flowing in from a diversity of sources, and the World Wide Web being a biggie source.

Here’s the sweetness that will follow on this video:

– How to create a video account.

– Why you need to setup a Google + Business page.

– Discover why you need ‘themes’ in your videos?

– Uncover the real reason you should be yourself in your videos.

– How to make “educational videos” that go viral.

– The 10X Delivery system for sending your payload to clients & prospects.

– The poo’ boy method to unleashing the “Power of Your Mind.”

Hope you enjoy the video, have an awesome weekend!

Your friends,

Bob & Rick

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