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Victoria’s Secret Marketing Strategy!

I had to throw this one in because of all the calls that my office received from the “Mansy” exhibit a fewsecurity marketing mansy months back. Once again, he’s not a friend of mine, a lost relative that I’m trying to promote, and no that’s not me in the “Mansy” costume. Okie-Dokie? What I do like about Victoria Secret (beside the super-hot super models on the cover. My favorite being Gisele Bundchen. She’s listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s richest supermodel (way to go Tom Brady!) this is the 3rd time this spring that this catalog has arrived in my mailbox – for my wife, of course and being a male with a pulse I had to browse through each and every issue to see the latest and greatest swim suits out there to help the wife decide—Yea right! What I noticed after the 3rd mailing (me being the “Security Marketing Guru” I usually do notice all the little details much sooner, but I got caught up in looking at all the lovely pictures and my senses were down) is that the covers may change with each issue, but the inside pages were essentially all the same! Victoria’s Secret has been using the “different wrapper” technique very successfully. Changing the outside covers, front & back, but keep the inside pretty much the same. Every time it shows up in your mailbox, you just gotta thumb through it. I also use the “different wrapper” technique especially when I’m mailing out to my client base on a 3 or 4 step campaign. Changing the the envelope and the headline draws people in, while the content and message are essentially the same. I call it the ‘drip theory’ you want to be like a leaky faucet, constantly dropping reminders and mailings on your clients’ desks to keep your company in the forefront of their mind! This is a great way to get extra mileage out of your direct mail pieces. If you don’t use the “different wrapper” approach is that a lot of times the recipients will get sick of seeing that same old DM piece again and again, training them to through out whatever you are mailing them. But, if you change up the “wrapper” it looks like you are sending out a new correspondence, enticing your recipients to read what you have to say!

-Peace Out
Bob Maunsell
Security Marketing Guru

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