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Website Death March [Quick Video Inside]

Not sure if you’re up-to-date on all the latest “Ninja Tactics” that Google is using against you if you’re not doing the right things on their platform. The penalties are stiff – they’ll send your website listing on a Death March to the last page of Google. These tactics will leave you in bed at night sweating profusely and grinding your teeth down to a nub.

So what I did to help you out was to create an educational video for you that will bring you up to snuff on all the changes that are going on with websites and mobile websites. This video will bring you up to speed quickly and shine a light down on areas of blissful opportunity for you to take advantage of with your online game.

The video is succinct at 6:37 detailing some big and very important changes coming down the pike from our friendenemy.

You’ll discover in The Website Death March Video the following insider information:

– Is your website loading correctly… you might end up in the Google Penalty Box?

– What does Mr. Google think about your website?

– Discover how to keep your website from getting a penalty flag thrown at you from Google.

– If you’re selling sophisticated security system, you can never do this online?

– My fave quote from Bill Gates.

– Why spend all this $$$$ on the internet marketing especially if your office staff can’t do this________________?

So, to get in the know, check out the video lickety-split!

Dedicated To Multiply your RMR!


P.S. Let’s Go Smoke Your Competition!

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