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Welcome to the Doomsday Shelter

There’s a company that hails from the Lone Star State called Radius Engineering. They have been selling and installing Doomsday Shelters for over 30 years now. In these shelters 10-2000 people can live underground for one to five years with food, water, power, and filtered air. The cost of these luxury underground suites range in price from $400,000.00 – $41,000,000.00. The company just recently installed an apocalypse-style shelter for a client that will house 750 people underground at an undisclosed location.

The really cool thing is that Radius sales have doubled every year for the last five years. Why is that you might ask? Cuz they’re flying on a specialized and specific jet stream in an atmospheric niche market that doesn’t grapple with the current hiccups in the economy. To put it bluntly, their clients don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

Incidentally, the overwhelming majority of the competition is at the bottom of the mountain, not towards the top of the mountain. Do you really want to be be standing in line and butting heads with price-driven prospects and other security dealers and sales rep that will do the install for Joe Dirt cheap?

Who says it’s a slow economy out there in the security world? It may be slow in some segments, but certainly not all…as Radius sales results can attest to. Most often it is the niche market that you may be selling in that has slowed to a crawl but that doesn’t mean that all the other niche security markets have dried up! Look around you….you’re probably driving by businesses that are expanding and need intrusion, video surveillance, access control, locksmith work, intercom/paging and the like. What type of businesses are these? Find out what niches they’re in and conduct “smart-bomb” marketing strategies in those niches!

Doomsday Thinking
Now is not the time to be paralyzed by doubt, fear, and worry. These emotions repel money. There has never been a more golden opportunity for acquiring new clients…sending out more direct mail because there is less clutter in your customers’ & competitions’ mail boxes…you get more eyeball time for your companies marketing message these days.

When other businesses cower, you want to be bold, aggressive and opportunistic. Read below for the full message, from a very opportunistic Smokin’ Security Newsletter member’s email, that I received over the weekend…

“I’ve been too busy with work, much of it generated with your marketing ideas.” William Thomas, 1st Choice Security Technologies

When I first responded to your ad, I was coming off of a very disappointing yellow page campaign. I had spent thousands upon thousands on yellow book advertising in half a dozen different phone books with very little to show for it. I felt like I was working for the phonebook companies. After subscribing to your news letter I now have a much more focused and diverse advertising campaign with multiple income streams. I understand it will take some time to get to where I’m hitting on all cylinders, but it only took several days to go from obscurity on google to first page ranking under several searches and with the 9 week web building course you promoted I expect to be dominating the Internet in my area. In fact I will be dominating my competition in every aspect of marketing. I would be further along in my marketing, but I’ve been too busy with work, much of it generated with your marketing ideas. Having gone into debt with my yellowpage ads it was a difficult decision to sign up for your newsletter, and spend money I didn’t have, now I see it as the smartest move I ever made. I’ve cut way back on my yellow page ads and diversified my advertising and have been busier then ever. I can’t wait to see where I am in six months!
Thanks for the great ideas. I’m a firm believer in the value of your marketing ideas! You truly are the Security Marketing Guru!

William R. Thomas
1st Choice Security Technologies, LLC.
Scranton, PA

A lot of folks are struggling to orient themselves in this market.

Clarity, focus,courage, and brass balls have never been more prized possession than they are at this moment in time.

Now is the time to get aggressive and go after more sales, this window won’t stay open for long!

Have a gr8 week!


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