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What Is Risk…?

If you live in America today, this is the day you go out and vote for your candidate. Make sure that you vote so that your voice is heard and count. We can all be worried about what candidate will be voted into office and may think either side is pretty risky. What I think is real risky is not who is elected to office, but how you operate your business and your mindset.

What Is Risk

– “Working in your business” (Snaking cables, running to the supply house – the $15.00 an hour work) instead of “Working on your Business” (Sales & Marketing this is $10,000.00 an hour work)

– Working for a ruthless boss (Maybe it’s time to start your own badass security firm)

– Having only one source of income stream.

– Not having a Robotic Security System Selling System in place that is selling and educating your clients and prospects 24/7/365.

– Not being able to “Can & Clone” yourself within your business, so your business isn’t co-dependant upon you, so that can go off and commit to more business opportunities.

– Not aggressively selling service contracts.

– Not upgrading your marketing knowledge & know-how on a regularly basis.

– Depending on one sales rep.

– Depending on one technician.

– Thinking that FEMA is gonna come rescue you.

– Not being self-reliant.

– Not sending out a paper & ink quarterly newsletter to your prospects & clients.

– Thinking that the federal government is gonna bail-out your security firm.

– Taking your clients for granted.

– Having only one method in place for attracting new clients.

– Not having hundreds and thousands of income streams flowing into you coffers every month.

– Not building a mailing list, so you can communicate with your clients and prospects on a regular basis.

– Relying solely on the internet for client acquisition.

– Being dependant on a dealer program to send you sh*tty leads.

– Not having a killer referral system in place.

– Not building an email list and nurturing your clients with a monthly email.

– Not having cash reserves on hand to withstand changes in the marketplace, and weather any economic storm.

-Not being in a position of strength.

– Not raising your rates regular basis.

– Being afraid of the power within you.

– Thinking that just doing a good install, is enuff to create a killer buzz, about your business.

– Not having a BRASS-BALLS guarantee for your business.

– Using “Corporate-Driven Marketing, instead of Personality-Driven Marketing.”

– Not installing new technologies, cuz you’re afraid of them.

– Charging way too little for your installs.

– Not working out at least 3-4 times a week.

– Not turning an ordinary security firm into an extraordinary money-making machine.

– Not having faith in yourself.

– Being a transaction-based company, instead of a relationship-based company.

– Thinking that a new security product may make you competitive instead of crafting relationships that will lead to a breakthrough company.

– Not positioning your security firm as the go-to company for cutting-edge security information and technologies.

What Is Poise
I know that we are are living in perilous times, but what is needed most today is “POISE” which is the deliberate shunting aside of all fears arising from an uncontrollable circumstance beyond your control. The highly successful security entrepreneur has a healthy self-image, and a SEAL TEAM 6 mindset and brass cojones to say “No matter what happens to me, I can see it through, I can handle it, nothing can break me, or take me down” instead of the weak-kneed response from a timid, insecure, low-self esteemed business owner who says “Shucks, I hope nothing happens to me, hopefully I can just ride this one out again” We choose our own destiny right up to the end, which one do you choose?

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