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Where Can I Find A Good Security Sales Reps That Won’t Cost Me An Arm & A Leg?

Just before I walked out the office door, to go over to Darby’s Bakery and get the SMG team some Cape Cod muffins which, by the way, are to die for, Jodi tells me about a Question For Bob that just hit her inbox. Here it is:

Hi Bob,

I just joined your Smoking Security Newsletter Coaching Club and I bought your Home Safe Home Marketing kit.  I love the marketing kit and am just sending out my first pieces this week. I got all my back issues of the newsletter plus just got the current issue last week.  I am completely amazed with the content of the newsletters.  I’ve never seen a newsletter that is just for security dealers and teaches marketing strategies just for the security industry. I love it! I can’t wait to put the strategies to action.

I want to ask you a question about sales reps. I can tell just by looking at your marketing pieces and reading your strategies that if I start doing what you say to do and implementing your stuff that I’m going to have much more work coming in. So I would need a sales rep to help me out. Can you tell me how I can get a sales rep for my company that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Thanks so much for all of your help Bob.


Hey Simon,

Thanks for the kind words!

Here’s what I would do. Call all the people you know in the security industry and see if they know anyone that could be a good candidate for you business. Sometimes the best salespeople you can find are selling less-sophisticated products, because they have to work a lot harder to make a living. Retail sales reps, door-to door sales reps are all often inexpensive for you to keep, yet are ardent, passionate, and hard-selling.

No Soliciting Signs
I’m flabbergasted at the amount of businesses that have “NO Soliciting Signs” on their office doors, that repel the folks that are canvassing door-to-door. Just think of all the potential sales reps that could be walking through theirs door each day. That could be a good thing thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. But these door-knocking sales reps are doing the hardest type of sales imaginable – that’s cold-calling, belly-to-belly selling.

While I was standing in line at Darby’s Bakery, a young girl walked in from a linen supply store and asked to speak with the owner of Darby’s about becoming their linen supply provider. I was amazed at how cool, professionl and confident this young account rep was while making an in-person, cold-call on a business. I’m not sure what her commish was for landing a new account (don’t think it’s much), but what if you had this same young, professional girl out canvassing independent retail stores and calling business owners for commercial CCTV system? I’m sure  you could pay her better money then what she’s making selling linen and uniform services.  By the way, on the way out of Darby’s Bakery I didn’t notice a “No Soliciting Sign.”

Competitors Sales Reps
A lot of folks don’t think about hiring their competitors sales reps. You should. I have a coaching club member who calls up his competitors and has them send their top sales people him at different project sites. When he meets with them, he sits through their presentation and sales pitch, and the sales reps he finds to be stellar, he starts discussing topics like wages, commission structures, and other bennies that the sales reps are getting from the security company where they work. This coaching club member has netted many good sales reps through this method.

For all you, know the money your pay your sales reps could be better then what your competitors pays. If so, make a proposal to get your competitors top sales reps. By offering a higher percentage or commission, you can be a major way to skyrocket your business.

Grey Beards
Also, there are some outstanding sales reps out there who are now retired.  They’ve got long-term relationships already well established, and have years of sales ability, and many are bored out of their freakin’ minds and frustrated that they’ve been put out to pasture.  Many of them still want to hustle. If you encounter any such retirees, grab ‘em! They’ll sell for you on a pure commission basis.

Simon I hope this helps you!


Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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