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Where do you find good ideas for your security business? – [Quick Video Post]

Ideas come to me anytime of the day, whether I’m working out, smoking a stogie, listening to Bob Marley on the way up to Vermont, just chilling with my kids, or even kicking back with my feet up watching the Boston Bruins go at it or before I put my head down on my pillow to go to sleep, good ideas are bolting at me all day long in 360 degree surround view. I see good ideas everywhere I go, cuz I trained my mind to be BOLO (Be On the LookOut,) for the next BIG idea.

But good ideas are gone in a flash if you DON’T CAPTURE THEM! Let me show you the analog devices I use for “idea catching” in a digital world; it might really surprise you.

I’m showing you my way for collecting and generating ideas. I’d also love to know what you do to catch ideas. Leave a comment on my blog.

Stay thirsty!

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