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Where Is The Wealth In Your Business?

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving break. I sure as heck did! The weather here in Massachusetts has been phenomenally warm so a lot of people are outside jogging, walking, hiking, biking and are in a wonderful spirit.

I hope you enjoyed a nice four-day break from the office. I know you did if you have a Robotic Security Selling System™ in place that pulls in leads like a two ton magnet, even while your away. The real wealth in business is having a system in place that attracts and retains clients for life, which leads to a ESP (Easy-Successful-Profitable) style business, which allows you to take time off and the leads don’t stop and dry up because your business is independently churning in leads whether you’re there or not.

Multiplied Salesmanship
One of the cornerstone of a Robotic Security Selling Business is having a sales letter in place that can do your selling for you. A sales rep can only talk with one prospect at a time, a sales letter can talk to hundreds and thousands of prospects at a time. Which do you think is more effective?

You are at a loss if you don’t have a strong sales letter in your hands. In this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter I have a Million Dollar Security Lead Generating Sales Letter that shows you…
– The proper tactic for covering a professional security audit.
– How to explain the FREE angle.
– Using the human element in your writing.
– Two words that you have to use in your sales letter if you want to get it right.

Killer Marketing Strategies From A Lawyers Office (Can You Believe It?!)
– You better have hundreds of these hanging on your wall if you want to build trust. Do you know what they are?
– The best positioning device you can use to become an expert.
– The right way to combat scepticism in your profession.

Service Contracts
– A little post card that reveals a rather hokey way for selling managed service contracts.
– Discover the pyramid concept to pricing your service contracts.
– Two brain dead easy ways for starting your service contract program today.

Click here to get your hands on this months Smokin’ Security Newsletter

Joint Venture Marketing
– You won’t believe where I found one of the best places to advertise your security business.
– How to use other peoples mailing lists.
– How to model an ADT marketing strategy that is phenomenal.

FREE Publicity
– Why every security professional needs it.
– The proper column you should pitch for local newspapers and TV stations.
– The real reason why folks give up.

Feeding Your Herd
– Are you constantly nurturing your clients?
– What’s one of the classiest gifts you can send your top clients.
– 3 dirt-cheap gifts that you should be using to advertise your business.
– The gift that you should be giving all soccer moms. (Page 14)

Tell Everyone About Your Referral System
– A wicked killer referral system that can hang on your office door.
– The clever refer-a-friend cash bonus plan.

Can You Get Rich Using Social Media… You gotta read this article.
– Is Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin really FREE? Your jaw will drop when you read this one!

Super Special Audio Success CD
I guarantee if you listen to this CD series twenty times over the next year and implement the marketing strategies I give you in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, you will NOT be the same. You will be a new-and-improved, extraordinary security dealer living the life you want! Marketing is the best drug to infuse into your business…it will take your business to an all-time high and keep it leveraged there.

These CDs include timeless material that will help skyrocket your security business. I have listened to them nothing short of 100 times. I will include the first CD this month (November issue) and the second CD next month (December issue.)

The wealth in your business is marketing your security business!

Click here to get your hands on this months Smokin’ Security Newsletter

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