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Why Was Walt Disney On His Hands & Knees?

I’m heading up to Vermont to go skiing for the day and I wanted to make sure I gave you a “little something” before I head out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…


Why was Walt Disney on his hands & knees?
Success lies in the eyes – in your ability to see your security business through the eyes of the people you serve.

Many years ago, when I was a greenhorn electrical apprentice, my boss (a.k.a. Big George), asked me if the electrical finish was done on a house I had been working on.

I was in charge of doing the electrical work and had a helper, Jeff – who was more than half-useless and dumber than a box of rocks. Jeff really was the Northern version of Joe Dirt.

I had given Jeff orders to button up all the electrical loose ends in the house.

And, honestly, I thought ol’ Jethro… oops I meant Jeff, did a pretty mint job getting the house ready to turn over to the new homeowner.

When “Big George” came through the house to make sure it was up to snuff, he looked around the house and then looked at me kinda weird.

George said, “Bob, sit down and take a look around, and tell me what you see.”

So, I did as George asked and sat down right next to him and took a look around the house, and boy was I amazed as to what I saw…

I saw a couple of crooked electrical outlets and switch plates covers, a recessed light fixture with a burned-out light bulb, a couple wire nuts lying on the ground, and a few of Jethro’s coffee cups resting on various window sill.

Honestly, walking around the house at 110mph I hadn’t noticed anything cuz I was freakin’ busy trying to get the job done.

But when I sat down at viewed the home like a client would, I had a completely different perspective.

“Always see what our clients see” Big George said softly to me. George really was a nice, soft-spoken guy and he taught me some valuable things.

I now call it “Your Clients’ Eyes.” and I teach all my techs how to slow down after an install, look around and correct anything askew that they see. I urge you to do the same.

I had read a similar story about Walt Disney.

A Disneyland park attendant once spotted Mr. Disney down on his hands and knees. The attendant ran up to the boss and said, “Oh, Mr Disney, are you OK? Let me help you up!”

Ol’ Walt got up off his hands and knees, by his own devise, and dusted himself off. He then said, “Son, I’m fine. I’m just looking at my product from the perspective of my customers!”

What we see and how we think is totally influenced by our perspective. Only when you see your business from your client’s perspective can you see the problems and solutions.

Ski On!


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