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Winner of the 2009 Yellow Page Ad Contest!

Check out the Video for the winner of our Yellow Page Ad Contest.


To help you celebrate your new SMOKIN HOTT Ad, a little number from Pink Floyd…  ttys -Bob

Attention Smokin’ Newsletter Subscribers!

Listen to this month’s audio success CD interview with my Video Analytics wizard, and you will discover over 7 different strategies on how to sell Video Analytics Surveillance Systems.

Here’s just three of the things you will learn from listening to this interview.

*How to Increase Your RMR with digital guard (ie a video camera).

*Why the “Technology Refresh Cycle” is where the big money is in electronic security.

*How to be a “solution provider” instead of a commodity.

Smokin Security Newsletter Subscribers Call in Day

Open Call In Day, Tuesday August 27, 2009 ( 8/27/09 ) from 1pm-4pm Eastern time. 15 minute private consulting calls with Bob, open to all Newsletter subscribers.

Have a great weekend!

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