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Winter Time Selling Blues…

Here’s a good Q&A:
Hi Bob,

I feel that I know you, I have read your website, blogs, ect. And am a friend on Facebook. But, you don’t know me and I dont subscribe to your monthly help. I hope you can take a second to read this and possibly help out.

I have a background in Door to Door alarm sales with APX and Pinnacle security. I started my own dealership with Security Networks january of 2008. We had a good year for what we wanted to do. 500 accounts.

Unfortunately my partner ran off with the money. I have since put the company in my name only and all of the sales people and techs were my guys and are coming back with me. My partner was just a money partner and he was the only one on the bank account, ect. I am ready to have a great year and expect to do over 1,500 accounts since I have 3 offices going starting march.

My problem is that I live in Ohio and our buisness is 100% door to door, and it is 20 degrees and snowing. I would like to work in January and February, but Door to Door is a hard option. I will this year subscribe to your monthly help and look forward to using your services later in the year, but right now I have very little money and need to find a way to sell security alarms to make money to do marketing.

How can I sell alarms with no marketing budget???


Hey Bill,

Thanks for the kind words. Seeing you’re strapped for cash, the easiest and least expensive road to take is to go to your existing clients base and “shake the tree.” I’m suggesting this because your clients have already purchased from you and, therefore, would be more apt to make another purchase.

Offer your clients a wintertime incentive for them to do upgrades and/or add services, such as, monitoring, cellular backup or service contracts. Also start a referral program so that your clients refer their family, friends, and colleagues…you’ll need to be able offer $$$ or a gift card for any referral that turns into a sale, though.

To cheaply acquire some new clients, when you are on a job, start “farming” the area around your install. Seeing you are a pro at door-to-door, start canvasing the area and letting people know that you are doing a job nearby and offer them a card with a special 10% “good neighbor” discount. For those people not at home, hang a door hanger on their knobs.

I have a door hanger that I use. It lets the homeowner/business owners know that we are doing an install in the area (there’s a blank line on the door hanger where we write down the address) and offers the recipient 10% off of a new install or upgrade.

These are only a few ideas, but you can get many more solid marketing ideas and tried-and-true samples of successful direct marketing pieces by becoming a member of our Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

Best of luck!



Have a gr8 Super Bowl Weekend everybody! Go Saints! Go Colts!

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