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Working Smarter, Not Harder Is Where The Money Is At

When I first went out on my own, I had this job sub-contracting for an electrical contractor that sucked BIG time! This contractor was paying me $20.00 bucks per hour to use my Milwaukee “Hole Hog” to drill out studs and sling 12/2 Romex through the studs. Back then I was very grateful for the work and money, but I would have to work 25 hours to pull down five “Benjamins.” Not a good business plan for creating wealth and living a life style that’s second-to-none.

When I was drilling out studs and slinging Romex, that was working hard. I had a Master Electrician’s License and I was able to make a days pay, but I was working my friggin’ hump off and it didn’t allow me to leverage myself with technology, and create future wealth, and communicate with thousands of people at the touch of a button.

Write This Quote In Blood

“Working smarter is working ON your business and not IN your security business.”

Working smarter is about creating a Robotic Security Selling System, that allows you to grow your business.

Security Tech vs Security Entrepreneur
There is nothing wrong with being the best technician on the the planet . But to be the best technician that owns his business and can’t grow his business, well, there’s something wrong with that. Most technicians don’t understand that the life-blood to any business is attracting new clients that Pay, Stay, and Refer. The technician always sees the customer as a problem. The security entrepreneur, on the other hand, is always working on the “STUFF” (sales & marketing) that will lead the company forward and has a Mosaic of what it will look like in the end. The entrepreneur looks at the customer ‘s every want and need as an opportunity to maximize profits by satisfying those wants and needs.

Inside This Month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter, we give you a TON of leverage to help grow your security business. You get three (3) smokin’ money-making marketing pieces that you can employ right away to bring in more new clients and reconnect with old forgotten prospects. Also included in this month’s edition:

Bonus # 1 – Turning Eleven Little Words Into Gold
Here’s a little ol’ email that will rustle-up dead leads for you and make you some money, while you’re at it. Here’s what I want you to do – go through your file cabinets and old business cards and search the desk drawers, and find as many leads that you have sent a quote/proposal to over the last year, then send these prospects this cagey, eleven-word email. Shouldn’t you and your sales reps have this brilliant eleven-word email at your disposal for communicating with your potential customers?

Bonus # 2 – St. Paddy’s Day Card
It’s a great St Patrick’s Day postcard that will bring in the green! You can mail it out to all your clients and prospects at the beginning of next month. It includes two special St. Patrick’s Day offers…one for your existing clients and prospects, and one for their friends…you know I’m all about referral-generating!

Bonus # 3 – Money Makin’ Commercial Sales Letter –
Here’s one of the first sales letters that I ever wrote; it’s for the commercial security market. The first time I mailed this letter out, to a very small list, I hit a $16,000 job in Boston for a CCTV system. This letter can be tweaked for anyone in the security industry – alarm dealers, CCTV installers, electricians, Home Theater Guys, Fire Guys, guard services, butcher, baker, and candle stick maker…you name it!

The letter can be used as an intro letter to your company prior to meeting with your prospects. Everybody needs a sales letter to sell their wares; a sales letter is part of a Robotic Security Selling System. This letter will do your selling for you. I have handed you a very big key to opening up a door to any security marketing you choose to enter, I know some of you will take this letter and implement it pronto, and some of you will get ‘round to it sometime in 2019; “Money Is Attracted To Speed, It Is Repelled By Sloth.”

Bonus #4 – Audio Success CD
This month’s audio success CD is an interview with the Steven Seagal of the Security Industry. You’ll discover how to use Social Media to stop crimes and how to conduct network penetrations.

The Next Great Marketing Strategy You Should Be Using in Your Security Business (and it’s not Social Media!)
Well, I can’t tell you outright what this strategy is, but I can tell you that it’s easy to employ and will bond your clients to you – forever! You’ll have to order your free trial of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter to find out!
Because we over deliver and provide world-class client service, here’s what you’ll also get in this month’s Smokin’….

How To Make $500 In 90 Seconds Flat
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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Power Of Recognition and How Not To
Are You Just A Vendor In Your Clients Eyes? How To Ditch The Vendor Label and Turn It Into A Trusted Business Partner Credo
The Funniest Ad Ever For The Security Guard Industry

Ask yourself this question, “Do you really want to work harder or do you want to work smarter?”

The ONLY way you are going to increase your business is by marketing your business.

If you want to take a test-drive of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, you’ll get a free peek into my world and will learn new ways to effectively market and communicate with your prospects and clients. Ways that will create clients that Pay, Stay and Refer!

Security Tech vs  Security Entrepreneur Which One Do You Want To Be?
You gotta ask yourself what do you want to be – a tech or entrepreneur? A tech is busy doing the day-to-day bull crap work and never really gets ahead. An entrepreneur creates an inspiring vision for his company and goes about emulating this vision each and every day.

Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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