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WOW… 200 Installs In a Single Month!!!

I gotta really cool testimonials from one of my members, the other night, while I was watching THE KILLING on TV with Natasha.

I have to admit he’s KILLING IT!!!!


Testimonial From Bill Marks
Bill flat out says that the ***Military-Grade*** information that he receives from yours truly is responsible for Arnold Schwarzenegger like growth in monthly alarm installs. I have to give Bill credit, since I’ve know him he is a serious entrepreneur that is not afraid of taking on a challenge and sorting it out.

$6,800.00 Audio | Video | Security | Install From an 11 Word Email
The other day I was on a the phone with another SMG member, John Hubble, from Next Generation Security in Greenville South Carolina. John reeled in a $6,800.00 Audio, Video and Security installation from a little ol’ 11 word email that I wrote for him. He told me that he is also CHARGING MUCH HIGHER for his service and making more profits after becoming a SMG member.

SMG A School That Pays YOU To Attend!
I’m grateful and humbled by the amount of testimonials that we receive from our members who use our services and, most importantly, implement our stuff. Security Marketing Guru is a school for security entrepreneurs that pays YOU to attend because if you IMPLEMENT our proprietary turn-key marketing solutions, systems and strategies, your ROI will dramatically overshadow and surpass any investment you made with us.

Special Bonus Report # 1 – Special Summer Time Success Leaves Clues & Loser Leave Clues
I just gave you two clues from two very successful security entrepreneurs, on what they did to generate some quick sales, and grow their security businesses. I have a super-special 10 page report on how to take your business to the next level. Included is an 8-point strategy to make your security business the most talked about security company in town.

Special Bonus Report # 2 – The Power of Preeminence
This 9 page business-building report is hands-down the most preemptive business building strategy on the planet today. Use this special report to catapult your security business to lofty levels of multiplied results, and leave your competitors choking on your dust. You and your sales reps will be thanking me for giving you this information!

Special Bonus # 3 – Service That Soars – Quarterly Client Newsletter
Hands down the best client & prospecting tool on the planet for getting and keeping clients that do the all MIGHTY 3 “Pay-Stay-Refer”.

Special Bonus # 4 – Magic 11 Word Email
If you give my Smokin’ Security Newsletter a college try, I’ll give you the same 11 Word email that John Hubble got that reeled in a $6,800.00 project. Not a bad pay for sending out an 11 Word email.

But Wait, There’s Still More….

– The only way to promote your security company, and it’s not what you think it is.

– How to use “Discovery Contracts” to get paid more money for your knowledge.

– Why “Branding” is… it’s not what you think!

– How to re-position yourself to charge more money.

I’m Afraid of Getting Burned…
I was talking with John Hubble, and I said what took you so long to join my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Program.

John: He said that he was afraid of getting burned.

Bob: I said what do you mean by that?

John: He said I gotten burned from people on the internet.

Bob: So I said why then did you take a chance on me?

John: I looked at the quality and the quantity of the information that you have sent me and it’s overwhelming evidence that you know what you’re doing, and, besides, I talked it over with my family and they said if this guy can help you out, by all means give him a shot.

Bob: I said that’s very cool.

Head Trash Talk
What I’ve found from folks who say they got burned from someone on the internet is that the person WHO bought the product didn’t IMPLEMENT the product. And really when you boil it down even further than that, if you’re not willing to implement something that will help you out, that’s a behavioral problem that will make success avoid you like the plague. In other words, you become your own worst enemy..

Oh, yah there are some unscrupulous people selling sh*t out there on the internet who are looking to take advantage of you. But we certainly aren’t one of them.

RIP Tony Soprano
The wicked gifted actor James Gandolfini died of a heart attack at 51 years while vacationing in Italy. We must bear in mind that life is short. I’ve seen too many people pass upon opportunity because they didn’t have the time or money or think that they didn’t deserve it. There are no guarantees in life except that we will reach the end of it. Whatever you thinking about doing… DO IT NOW!!! Or Forgetaboutit!!!

Give my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Program a shot, cuz what you don’t know about taking more time off to spend with your family, and attracting and retaining top quality clients, will kill your business. That’s for sure!

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