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Your Attitude Is Your Most POWERFUL Marketing Weapon!

I’m writing this just before I kick back and watch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Boston Bruins & Chicago Blackhawks so this will be quick and to the point!

“As a Security Dealer | Integrator | Installer, you are looked at as a “People Person” (You should be, and better be.) The best way to market yourself and your security business is to change your mindset from being just an everyday Joe Security Dealer | Integrator | Installer and just about “YOU,” and make it about YOUR clients, YOUR friends, YOUr family, YOur colleagues within your circle of influence.

When you’re a Security Professional, you are out there in the public eye. You are saying, “I am here for you, I am caring, diligent, honest, ethical and respectful. And I am supremely competent that I can secure your home or office, and all aspects of your life, lickety-split.”

I Feel Your Pain
I know what it’s like to go through the process of getting quotes, interviewing different security companies, and then getting the system installed, it can be very painful, stressful, and time consuming. I know because I do it everyday…it’s my job, too. And BTW, I’m highly knowledgeable and competent, and wicked serious about making my clients Happy For Life.

Therefore, the best marketing tool is your attitude. How you come across to your prospects once you’ve “captured” them is what sets you up for success. Do me a favor and go back and re-read the 18 words that I have underlined… that’s a millionaire idea for you to IMPLEMENT.

8 Rings of Perimeter Protection
That is how you build solid, long-lasting, referral-based relationships. Keeping in touch with prospects and clients via:

1- Monthly Client Email

2- Thank-you Card System

3- Follow Up Phone Call Script

4- Text Message Reminders

5- Thoughtful Note

6- Small Gift of Appreciation

7- Formal Referral System

8 – Quarterly Client Newsletter

This 8 Rings of Perimeter Protection is The Holy Grail to being “Top of the Conscious” when it comes to being the first person to pop up in your clients’ minds when the words SECURITY, CRIME, SAFETY, MEGA-PIXEL, GUARD SERVICES, HOME AUTOMATION, LOCKSMITHING, MESH NETWORKS, IP ACCESS, GATE SYSTEMS, INTRUSION DETECTION, PERS SYSTEMS, FIRE ALARM arise in conversation.

Installing a security system is not that difficult; we make it difficult by not doing what every successful security company is doing and that’s staying in touch with your already happy clients, and the prospects that are thinking about using your services.

Capitol P
If you agree with everything I’ve said so far and would like this model in your business, and are interested in becoming a Security Marketing Player (with a Capital P) then please reply to this email and we’ll get your business rolling with the 8 Rings of Perimeter Protection Strategies.

Have a great weekend!


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