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Your Marketing Questions Answered!

1) Do you limit who you work with on a market by market basis?
– Kevin Donnelly

Kevin the security marketing services you see listed on the website are not limited to specific markets or exclusive areas but I do offer private consulting programs with geographic area exclusive rights and they start anywhere between 15-20K. However I guarantee you the programs I’m offering right now, especially the Mavericks Program, will revolutionize your approach to marketing your security or low-volt biz. But hey don’t take my word for it, check out my audio testimonials page!
2) Bob you have quite a few programs on your site, what’s the best value?
– Mike Levine

Mike, I would recommend if your new to my Tuesday Smack Down and the direct response marketing I preach the, Smokin’ Security Newsletter. I literally swamp my graphic design guys every month with articles, examples and sample direct mail pieces to pack inside the newsletter. The newsletter also features a 1 hr audio success CD. Last month I interviewed the designer and SEO optimizer of my new webpage, Bill Parlaman. He literally spoon fed my subscribers with $1000’s of dollars worth of Web 2.0 consulting for practically nothing! You absolutely can’t beat the value, at $97 a month.

3) How do you figure out what to charge a client?
– Richard Carlisle

Richard, I take a few things into consideration when I’m evaluating my pricing. The #1 point of consideration in my opinion is finding out what the marketing will bear for your services. One of the ways I would recommend doing that is using your business associates, have your competition come and give quotes on a system at x y and z properties, use those quotes as parameters around which to gauge your pricing and sales presentation when you are asked to quote a similarly sized job.

– Paul Pitchford.

Paul, I suggest lacing up the gloves if you haven’t already cause with a mindset like that, your competition are going to feel like they are stepping in the ring with Ali, when they’re going up against you!

5) Where can I get sample application forms that will lock monitoring for 2-3 years? Is accepting credit cards worthwhile considering the percentage charged for each transaction?
– Dave Hansel

I would recommend getting into credit card processing, considering the number of businesses moving away from the cash and check payment method is going to increase exponentially over the next decade. For the contracts I’m going to give a little referral here……visit my friend over at , Tell him I sent you!

6) In the current economic climate, how do I hold onto my client base when so many are suffering financially and are not paying their monitoring invoices?
-David Asay

I know it’s a tough climate out their, and guess what its probably not going to get much better over the next year either but its during these times when you can absolutely dominate your competition. I 1000% recommend at least 1 monthly mailing to stay in touch with your base, a newsletter is ideal. I probably shouldn’t do this but I’m going to let you in on a little secret of min. In the past when some of my better clients have slacked on the monitoring, I ran a special contest in my monthly newsletter for a year of free monitoring and picked their names out of the proverbial hat. Guess what happened….I must have gained at least 5 referrals from each client I did that for. What did it cost me like $75-$100 bucks a month for a year and I gained 25 installs and 25 more monitoring contracts. I think it was worth it!!

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