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More Social Proof That Bob’s Stuff Really Works…

Some of the fantastic results our clients have achieved with the Smokin’ Newsletter and using our Marketing Programs.

When Someone From Our Company Goes Out On a Sales Call We No Longer Have to Sell Belly-to-Belly

Charlie ClearyWith the help of Bob my company has turned things around. We are now adding better overall customers (the kind that PAY, STAY AND REFER!). Our Service that Soars newsletter is the best thing we do to stay in touch with our customers after the sale and it gives us a chance to remind them about us, our referral program and current specials (always be selling). With the help from Bob when someone from our company goes out on a sales call we no longer have to sell belly to belly. We simply have the customer look over our sales packet filled with the tools from Bobs program while we do our 32-point inspection then go over our 3 different security packages and let the customer decide which is right for them. And where else can you find a Sales Manager that will work for you for $97.00 a month!

Charlie Cleary
Always Alert Security
Bethany, OK

Turned My Once Boring, Burned Out Security Business Into a “Kick Butt”, Take No Prisoners, Clean, Lean, Fighting Machine

Michael Houser09/18/2009 – “Since I have been with Bob Maunsell, my life has never been the same. Were a small alarm company in South California. And WOW what Bob has taught me about UFC style marketing, I now have a roundhouse kick that’s knocking the teeth out of ADT, and Brinks. Talk to you soon Bob.


04/23/2011 – As usual the “Security Marketing Guru” (Bob Maunsell) under promises and completely over delivers. Bob, your insight, ideas, coaching and marketing mind have turned my once boring, burned out security business into a “kick butt”, take no prisoners, clean, lean, fighting machine. Clients by the droves now gravitate to me and my services because I have that “security marketing guru” Ju ju taught and used by you! Keep up the great work!

Michael Houser
EES Systems
Garden Grove, CA

The Type Of Individual That You Can Count On Both Professionally and Personally

“Bob is the type of individual that you can count on both professionally and personally. Bob’s passion for marketing is apparent – as he is commonly referred to as the “Security Marketing Guru” And trust me – he is every bit the Guru. Just when I thought I knew it all – Bob delivers marketing advice that simply blows my mind.

Bob strives to keep the security industry honest and transparent. He is the security marketing professional that other marketing professionals turn too- when they need advice. Simply said, Bob is nice guy and I am thrilled to have found his services.”

Jordan Frankel “Security Sensei”
ShatterGARD Glass Protection, Inc.
A Division of Global Security Experts
Atlanta, GA

Video Testimonial from Bryce Crider

Video Testimonial from Rick Moore

Video Testimonial from Greg Peninger

The 32 point inspection program is incredible. Every customer that I have used this with has signed up with my company and I feel like I really am seperating myself from the “average” security guy with this piece.

What an eye opener for the customer and my own company. Thanks!

Jason Douget
IronGate Security
Atlanta, GA

A Truly, Outrageously Successful, Marketing Guru

Bill GlazerBob Maunsell is a very successful security systems integrator. He provides and maintains intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, intercoms/paging systems and perimeter gates in New England. He was asked to present at our Super Conference in Dallas, TX and he simply wowed the business professionals and marketers in attendance with his “Security Service Contract Maintenance Program” and his other program for reactivating “Lost Security Customers.”

Bob displayed his outrageously successful programs for creating additional business revenue with a Service Contract Maintenance Program, and another program for creating additional sales by reactivating Lost Customers. For example he presented his:
-T.J. Squirrel Letter with a bag of Planters Nuts.
-Outrageous 3 Stooges Post Card.
-Iron Clad Service Guarantee & Follow Up Campaign.
-How to position yourself as the obvious security guru in your local market
-Bob knows what it takes to break through the clutter and get extraordinary results – something his competitors are unwilling to do.

Bill Glazer
President & Celebrated Marketing Guru
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

I have a new business just one year old, I’m using the ideas I have been getting from you, the (Service That Soars) newsletter worked great. I had one prospective customer that was on the fence but after receiving my newsletter I got a call that they were looking at the newsletter and wanted me to come give a security audit. I did and made the sale.

I have tried radio and now I have a billboard up for about 30 days and just yesterday received my first call and went to see them, I missed the phone book so no add in there yet.

All the customers I have are from word of mouth. I have enjoyed the three newsletters I have received, all with great ideas, I’m just looking for ways to promote my business and get more customers, we are in a small town 13k people but I will start trying to branch out in the larger city with 190k and a few smaller towns around us.

Jerome Price
Night Watchman Security Services
Dumas, TX

They Understood What I was Trying to Accomplish and Executed it Perfectly!

Kathleen Baty - The Safety ChickBob Maunsell and his team at Security Marketing Guru really helped revamp my website and turn it into the current site that it is today…I had tried for years to find website help. I found plenty of designers/developers who would gladly take my money yet never were able to follow through and deliver what they had promised. That was NOT the case with Bob and his team, they understood what I was trying to accomplish and executed the project perfectly. They were extremely cost effective. I highly recommend Security Marketing Guru’s Web Design Team !
Kathleen Baty
Safety Chick Enterprises
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve cut way back on my yellow page ads and diversified my advertising and have been busier then ever. I can’t wait to see where I am in six months!

William ThomasBob,
When I first responded to your ad, I was coming off of a very disappointing yellow page campaign. I had spent thousands upon thousands on yellow book advertising in half a dozen different phone books with very little to show for it. I felt like I was working for the phonebook companies. After subscribing to your news letter I now have a much more focused and diverse advertising campaign with multiple income streams. I understand it will take some time to get to where I’m hitting on all cylinders, but it only took several days to go from obscurity on google to first page ranking under several searches and with the 9 week web building course you promoted I expect to be dominating the internet in my area. In fact I will be dominating my competition in every aspect of marketing. I would be further along in my marketing, but I’ve been too busy with work, much of it generated with your marketing ideas. Having gone into debt with my yellowpage ads it was a difficult decision to sign up for your news letter, and spend money I didn’t have, now I see it as the smartest move I ever made. I’ve cut way back on my yellow page ads and diversified my advertising and have been busier then ever. I can’t wait to see where I am in six months!

Thanks for the great ideas. I’m a firm believer in the value of your marketing ideas! You truly are the Security Marketing Guru!

William Thomas
1st Choice Security Technologies LLC.
Lake Como, PA

“The first good investment I made was marrying my wife, the second was subscribing to the Smokin’ Security Newsletter.”


Steve G.
Fire and Security Services
New York, NY

Greg's HeadshotDear Bob, I was very reluctant to part with $ 100 for a marketing newsletter, but I decided to give it a try. I have been extremely impressed and cannot wait for the latest monthly edition to come out. It was the best investment I ever made!

Greg Peninger
Keeping Burglars Out of Homes in the Dallas-area for Over 22 Years!
NTX Security Inc.
Coppell, TX


The Smokin’ Security Newsletter gives me a marketing and advertising toolbox.” Thanks for your wisdom Bob. The monthly newsletter and website is a plethora of information! We are currently working on implementing several of the marketing strategies into our current marketing plan and have seen some great success. Thanks to Bob and his marketing squad.

Ryan Walsh
Speed Wire Inc.
Floral Park, NY

Dear Bob,

The site is the best shot-in-the-arm for security dealers! We are not marketing guru’s and get stuck in the technical aspects of the business, forgetting the REAL STORY – THE SALES!! Thanks for helping, advising and kicking us in the butt!

Chris Martin
Millennium Fire and Security
Orlando, FL

Bob WilburnDear Bob,

I would like to take a few moments to share with you some comments on your service.I have been in the security business for about 20 years, 10 years of this time owning and operating my own security business. We have been chugging along but not really lighting the world on fire. Being that we have spent a fair amount of money on marketing and not really getting the results that we wanted, we decided to give your security maverick program a try. Since we began the program about 3 months ago we have been not only busy rebranding our company, but also with your help thinking way outside the box. With your assistance we have put together a system for generating testimonials from our existing customers, as well as all of our new customers. We now have a testimonial book that we present to every new prospect. This book has no less than 12 – 15 solid testimonials from various residential and commercial customers.We have created a referral coupon that rewards our existing customers for recommending their family, friends and business associates to us. We have started to see our coupons coming back to us in referral sales. We have published “our” version of “21 ways to cat burglar proof your home” and are using this “FREE” report in our local advertising. Local advertising, that’s another story. With the input of yourself and your staff, we are starting to dominate the local publications with our “Firefighter Bob” campaign. I could go on but to sum it all up, you’re like a trainer, bringing your students to the next level. Pushing us to Step forward and position our company as the experts in the security business. As far as your staff, they have always been there to assist with questions or input on programs.

Thanks for your support,

“Firefighter Bob” Wilburn
Code 3 Safety Solutions

jerry-horn-pic-croppedBob’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter brings a completely new view to the way security companies should be marketing their services. I’ve been in the security industry since 1978 (thats 31 years to be exact) and I haven’t seen a publication like this. A newsletter specifically geared toward anyone in the Security Industry looking for the indsider secrets on how to market their business. This is something I have never seen or read before!

Jerry Horn
Manufactures Representative | Sonic Systems
New Englands Largest Distributer of Door King Products
Stowe, MA

jasen-vonheeder“Hi Bob,
I am extremely busy, and looking for another technician. Thank you for getting me excited about my business again. I am doing extremely well and I have that “conquer the world mentality.” I won’t stop until everyone knows who I am and what I do. I am the King! Thanks again. Have a great weekend.”

Jasen Vonheeder
Vortech Security and Communications
Newport Center, VT

ron-and-jereme-pic-editedBob, I wanted to shoot you an email to tell you a little about myself and how I would like to learn everything about your program. I have been working for my father’s company for about nine years now and as much as I would like to say I know everything about the industry but we both know that can’t be true. We both know this industry changes every time we think we know the latest and greatest. However I have the energy and motivation to be your next big success story. This business my father started is my future my kids future there kids future and I will do everything in my power to make it a growing company.

I love my job, I love waking up every morning knowing that I’m giving someone piece of mind, security, and comfort for there family. Everywhere I go I talk security to anyone that will listen. I just need to know how to get in where the big money is. Bob I’m ready to take this information you give me and soak it up like a sponge and run with it. I spent my holiday weekend listening to all the cds and reading most of the newsletters you sent us. When you first sent your flyer to my office my father and I were a little skeptical but then we agreed, what we really have to lose lets try it. To be honest with you from the information we already received from this program we believe this can turn our company around.

Ron & Jereme Demers
Fire & Security Tech
New Baltimore, MD


“I received over 65 testimonials from customers and over 40 new leads using two of the coaching program modules. I still can’t believe the response I got. The 40 leads will keep me busy for a while. I’m glad I joined your security maverick coaching club. It is the best thing out there, for security installers who want to turn their business around. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks Bob for all the great advice and guidance you’ve given me over the past 4 months!”

Harvey Daniels
HDJ Security
Marianna, FL

jack-lucas“Bob, before I joined the Mavericks Program my Security Business looked just like the example in your Parthenon Video, standing on one column of lead generation and revenue. I figured I would give your program a shot and after seeing first hand the benefits of creating ‘MRS’ (multiple revenue streams) I’m a believer!


Jack Lucas
ACS Security
Towson, MD

clifford-pfleger1“Bob and his staff are incredible. The unconventional marketing techniques taught by Bob are Genius and they not only work, but work WELL. I have a renewed excitement in developing my security business and its worth every penny. Thanks Bob!

-Clifford Pfleger
Secure Operations
Port Jeff Station, NY

david fogle4/28/08 – “Bob, Okay I am not sure what kind of magic mojo you guys have working up there, but I have been swamped every week since coming on board. This week alone nearly $200,000 in proposals out the door, with the lions share of that with a Hospital that wants us to upgrade the head end of their CCTV system.”

9/28/08-Dear Bob,
The support we have received has been fantastic! When I started this company, I was still basically a technician. Although I could sell a product and service that I believed in, I had trouble closing the deal. Your assistance in helping me accumulate the information about my company, put it in the right format and get it in front of my customers has been key to helping me close more deals!


David Fogle
Patriot Solutions
Baltimore, MD

P.S We love our “Service That Soars” newsletter! The first fun is going out in the mail tomorrow. I can already hear the cha-ching!!

frank-pegram1“Bob I’ve become such a believer in the style of marketing that you promote, through my years in the security industry. You guys definitely deliver on your promises and if there is one thing that’s worth the money I paid you, its the concept of becoming a ‘Shamless Marketeer.’ It was a pleasure working with and your staff.

P.S There are a lot of dealers out there who can profit big from your services.

Frank Pegram
Dynamark Security
Richmond, VA

There is no one better than Bob Maunsell for the nuts & bolts of marketing for a security company. Using his tool, I am getting fantastic results my customer calls have increased, averaging 5 to 10 per week and I’ve gotten 3 customer referrals this week alone! And that adds up to more money in my bank! Thank you, Bob, for being such a great student of marketing and developing such a simple and profitable tool for security businesses.

John Watson
Reston, VA

mark-ruhl“I have been out of the loop with you for a while only because we are so busy I don’t have time to breathe. I barely even have time to count my money. We have a 20K Sq foot school renovation going on that includes all the electrical, access control and 64 cameras, 2nd we have a small office building going on at the same time and two more projects we are gearing up for. As well as all our service work. Next Friday we will be taking a small company holiday. I am taking my guys to the Tropicana for dinner and then to see Boston in concert at the Trop at 9 PM. We have second row seats dead center:). I hope your summer is going well. As far as the Castle we are still nurturing that one. We are proposing a video curtain around the property with PIR detection and interactive video. I will let you know how I make out. ”

Mark Ruhl
M.T Ruhl Electrical Contracting
Jeffersonville, PA

“We have gotten 8 to 17 new customers per month each time we’ve sent out the newsletter. It’s such a no-brainer to use and I wish we found out about it years earlier!”
– Devon Shea, Denver, CO


“Love the business card. Definitely the best I’ve ever seen!”

– Mike Battista | All-Star Security & Communications | White Plains, NY

“My referrals have increased 50%! Service That Soars elevates clients awareness level and it helped my business incredibly!”

– Ed Makey, Jackson, MI

“Great service, nice people and a bargain for what you do! My customers love it!”

– Ken Broussard, Brentwood, TN

“The direct mail we do with you is outstanding! We have routinely achieved over 10% response rates with each mailing and are very pleased with the results!

– John Turner, Altanta, GA

“The newsletter seems has become one of the most effective method for creating new business. Over the past 3 months, new clients from referrals are up significantly.”

– Steve McCormick, Wilmington, CA”

“I’ve been using your newsletter for 8 months now and am still shocked by the results we get. We get most new business by the referral system built into the newsletter. We have customers who are so eager to refer their family and friends it’s amazing. We follow through with exceptional service, too. Thanks so much!”

– Brenda and Wally Shepard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I still can’t believe I was in business 7 years before I took marketing seriously. Now, I’ll never go without it. I worked by a** off trying to grow and expand my business with ZERO success. I’ve been faithfully subscribing to your “Smokin Security Newsletter” for six months now and WOW is all I can say! Well on my way to doubling my client base by the year end, I’ll keep you posted Bob!

– Roger Houston, Philadelphia, PA

“Bob, thank you for LIBERTY. Because your newsletter and monster marketing system have completed liberated me from the hell I was in. My business has doubled – actually almost tripled – since using your stuff and I have much more freedom to do the things I want to instead of busting my you-know-what to make business happen.”

– Craig Alexander, Seattle, WA


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