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Are You Looking To Take Your Security Business To The Next Level & Discover Successful Marketing Secrets & Strategies That Will Continually Generate More Security Sales, Then The Mini-Maverick Coaching Club Is just For You!

As a member in The Mini- Maverick Coaching Club, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Attract More New Customers Who Are EAGER To Do Business With You
  • Develop an Endless Stream of Security Prospects & Clients
  • Be Positioned As The Security Expert & Dominate Your Local Security Market
  • Charge MORE For Your Security Services
  • Attract and Retain “A-List” Clients
  • Convert Prospects Into Clients That Pay, Stay and Refer, and
  • Diminish Pesky Competition

The Mini-Maverick Coaching Club is a step up from the Smokin' Security Newsletter™ Coaching Club, but not quite the level and commitment that the Security Maverick Coaching Club requires.

Each month in the Mini-Maverick, you'll get all the bells-and-whistles that are offered in the Smokin' Security Newsletter™ Coaching Club, including..
  • A subscription to my monthly Smokin’ Security Newsletter™ that’s packed to the gills with relationship-building, security marketing strategies and pieces designed to supply you with a steady stream of security clients that Pay, Stay and Refer! (Priceless!)
  • Bi-Monthly audio success CDs, including interviews with world-famous entrepreneurs and marketing and security experts, where you’ll discover their valuable insider secrets to success! (a $197 value each)
  • A Done-for-you quarterly client newsletter, called Service That Soars™. This newsletter is the most powerful prospecting, stay-in-contact, business-building, referral-producing tool on the planet. Period! ($150 value each)
  • Live, monthly direct response security marketing pieces, included in the Smokin' Security Newsletter™, that you can use in your security business to generate lots more clients and close more installations, each and every month. (worth thousands of dollars each...just call your local marketing design firm and see how much they'd charge!)
  • Full membership to my exclusive Smokin’ Security Marketing Membership Site where you’ll have complete access to all of our videos, audios and special marketing reports. Full access is granted in your second month of membership. (Inestimable!)
As a Mini-Maverick, you’ll also get a couple items that the Security Mavericks get to enjoy, like...
  • A 15 Minute** Quarterly Personal One-On-One Coaching Call With Bob (Mavericks get 30 minute calls.) During these calls, Bob will talk with you about your security marketing efforts, pinpoint things that may be holding you back and then discuss specific new security marketing strategies that you should be using and explain how to use them in your security business. (a $125 value each. Please email us quarterly to set up your call.)
  • A subscription to our monthly Secure Zone™ Client E-Newsletter that is one of the most effective stay-in-contact tools that you can use to bring in new clients, referrals and repeat business. This “done-for-you” e-Newsletter will also reinforce your image as “the security expert” in your marketplace and the “go-to guy” for all things security. The Secure Zone™e-Newsletter is an easy way keep your name in front of clients and prospects and very inexpensive to distribute - simply email it out to all! ($39 value each)
  • BONUS GIFT #1: Bob's Smokin’ Hot 8-Panel Business Card – loaded with marketing prose that are proven to sell! ($497 value)
  • BONUS GIFT #2: Bob's Secret 11 Word Email That Brings In Sales - this secret little email will help seal-the-deal on open quotes and re-active long and forgotten old quotes. It has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for members and raked in millions of dollars collectively as a group. Would you like to have something like this in your marketing toolkit so you can follow up with folks on dead quotes to reactivate them? (worth a king's ransom!)
Once you sign up for the Mini Maverick Coaching Club, and your credit card has been processed for the $177, you automatically become an official member and are eligible for all the awesome perks that come with membership: The monthly Smokin’ Security Newsletter™, Bimonthly group Coaching Call or Webinars, monthly Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls, the quarterly “done for you” Service That Soars™ Client Newsletter, the monthly "done for you" Secure Zone™ Client e-Newsletters, unexpected gifts throughout the year that Bob sends out exclusively to Mavericks & Mini-Mavericks, bonus gift of Bob's Secret 11 Word Email That Brings In Sales, plus discounted pricing on other security marketing products and services (such as, the new SMG-Style Website) full access to my Smokin’ Security Marketing Membership Site. This means: going forward from your first month, you will be billed $177 per month, billed to your credit card on the 15th of each month – for every month that you subscribe to the Mini Maverick Coaching Club.
If you feel that my marketing strategies and techniques just aren’t for you or you want to “keep going rouge” with your marketing efforts, then you can cancel at any time by simply calling or emailing my staff and we will process your cancellation. You must contact us before or on the 10th day of the month that you intend to cancel. If you cancel after the 10th day of any given month, you will still be billed for that month’s subscription. The cancellation will take effect on the following month.

Join Our Mini-Maverick Coaching Program

**If we cannot verify your company information and security business ownership,
we will not ship your order and we will refund your purchase.**

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So, What Does It Cost?
At this point you're probably wondering what's the cost for membership in the Mini-Maverick Coaching Club. Well, hold onto your hat because it's only $177 per month!That's right! You'll get all the bells-and-whistles included in the Smokin' Coaching Club, plus several incredible components from the Maverick Club, along with a bushel full of killer Security Marketing Pieces and an incredible Bonus Gift...all for much less than 200 bucks a month!

So, if you’re interested in taking your security business to the next level and discovering how to continually generate more security sales, charge top-dollar for your services and eliminate pesky competition, then join us in the Mini-Maverick Coaching Club now!


For Offline Orders, Fax Form to 508-835-9099


These are copyrighted materials protected by strict copyright law! As a paying member, in good standing, in the Mini Maverick Coaching Club, you have a “limited use” of the printed materials, digital mastered copies and all content provided in this program. ”Limited use” being defined as: All printed materials and digital master copies that are provided by Security Marketing Guru and/or Bob Maunsell Direct are for program members exclusively. They are intended for distribution to your company’s customers, clients and prospects only. These materials are not intended, nor allowed, to be shared or distributed to any other persons or businesses. Reselling of printed and digital material is strictly prohibited. You are not authorized to share material in chat rooms or on the internet, nor circulate them within trade associations or other groups to which you may belong. Also, as a member in the Mini Maverick Coaching Club, your “limited use” of all printed material, digital mastered copies and all content is being leased. Therefore, if you cancel membership, your leasing right expires, upon the cancellation, and your right to “limited use” of the printed material, digital mastered copies and all content expires.Damages, through legal prosecution, will be sought to the full extent of the law if any of the copyright rules set forth in the above paragraph are broken. Criminal and Civil action will be brought forth. Damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars can be awarded, as well as payment of all legal fees arising from the suit. In addition, the government can criminally prosecute you for copyright infringement. If convicted, you can be fined up to $250,000, or sentenced to jail for up to 5 years, or both.You have made a significant investment in the right to use these materials. It would be to your disadvantage to freely give them away or continue unauthorized use as a non-member.