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Marketing: Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

So you have a website, but is it magnetically attracting leads for you? As with anything in life, without being given the proper nurturing and attention, after one or two years, your security company’s website can get stale like a loaf of bread — or worse, become so boring that nobody but you ever visits it.

What the heck is the point in having a website that does not attract customers or provide you with sales leads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? It may be time for a redesign.

A security website redesign can be as simple a few ninja tweaks to the current design or an entire style change — it is all about the desired results. What is really important is that your website offers a unique and enjoyable experience for your online visitors, so they take the time to explore your website and take action to become a potential security client.

In our hyper-fast-paced society, the more attracted people are to your site and the easier it is to use, the higher your website design will convert customers, and the better the opportunity you will have to generate more sales and leads.

Five Reasons to Redesign

1. People cannot find your security company’s phone number or contact information on every single page of your site within five seconds. You are more likely to lose a sale if this information is not readily available at a quick glance. Have your phone number up near the top and definitely “above the fold” on every page.

2. Your website design is more than a few years old or a very basic cookie-cutter design. Buyers respond more to websites that are visually stimulating or grab their attention. Your site needs to have attractive sales funnels in place that capture prospects “ready to buy now” and “looking for more info.” (see #4 for more detail.)

3. Google does not find and display your security website’s URL when people search for your type of product or service in your area (e.g. Memphis Fire Alarm System Companies). You need to have the proper keywords and phrases included in your on-page SEO, plus relevant and informative content for Google to rank you correctly. If Google does not find enough relevant information on your website, it will not display you near the top of its search rankings for your desired keywords, and why should it?

4. You are not gaining any new security leads or clients as a result of having a website. If you have paid to have a website built and are paying for ongoing web hosting services to keep it online, your website should be optimized so that it is automatically giving you a Return on Investment (ROI).

Every security dealer’s website should include seductive sales funnels that capture their visitor’s contact information — funnels that attract and entice visitors that are ready to “buy now” and visitors who are just “window shopping” (looking for more info before making a buying decision). If your website is not designed to capture hot security leads, then I ask you, what is the point in having a website?

There should also be content on your website that helps position you as the knowledgeable, ethical “security expert,” such as, a blog, a community alerts/awareness section, client reviews/testimonials, client projects and an “about us” section that includes an “Evergreen Pledge” to your prospects and clients, plus an enticing no-hassle guarantee — to prove you are an ethical security dealer, and to remove any doubt in your prospect’s mind about doing business with you.

Also, you should have social proof on your website that includes links to your social media platforms (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

5. Your website does not look good and/or scale down properly for mobile phones or tablets. Updating your website to a mobile-friendly design is the way to go, especially now that Google started rewarding mobile-friendly sites in its search results in April. Your mobile-friendly site should be designed with “click to call” and “click to text” options near the top, so it is easy for mobile visitors to get in contact with you at the touch of a finger. Also, scale down your mobile information for the smaller screen size. Mobile websites require simplified design, layout, and navigation. So include navigation bars for the essentials: Schedule Security Consultation; Our Services; and Client Testimonials/Reviews.

If there is enough space on the screen to fit another navigation bar, do an “About Us” and include your Evergreen Pledge and killer guarantee.

Millions and millions of people go online everyday to search for information and to find what they need; therefore, your security website must speak volumes about you and your security business. If it does not, I guarantee your visitors will go elsewhere — probably to a competitor’s website.

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