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Sorry - Program Is Full!

Only A Small Handful of Security and Low-Voltage Dealers Will Be Accepted To Join The Most Exclusive, Personal, Marketing Coaching Program For Security & Low-Voltage Dealers in America. Add $5,000 to $15,000 Per Month To Your Net Income, While Taking More Time Off Per Month Than You Took Off All Last Year!

The Maverick Coaching Program Is A Small Group Of Highly Motivated And Dedicated Security and Low-Voltage Installers Who Are Sick Of Just Getting By Week-to-Week & Who Are Looking to Establish Their Business As The Premier Security or Low-Voltage Company In Their Region. Maverick Members Are Personally Mentored By Me, Bob Maunsell. I Will Take You By The Hand And Guide You Step-By-Step To Creating The Most Profitable, Most Fun And Lowest Stress Year Of Your Career. Your Current Income Is NOT An Important Factor On Your Application.

If You’re Serious About Multiplying Your Income, Gaining A Personal Life That You Control, And Being Able To Spend More Time Then Ever With Your Family And Loved Ones Without Having To Worry About Managing Your Business, You’re Invited To Apply For Membership In This Elite Group.

Here is what we do in a typical month...

Personal Coaching Call #1: Every month, Coaching members receive a personal, 30-minute, one-on-one consulting, mentoring, and coaching call with me on our Maverick Member call-in day, which you are notified of each month via email. During these calls, I’m yours, uninterrupted, raw and straight-to-the-point. This is where we get to personally attack your biggest marketing/management challenges and then devise a road map to help you reach your personal and financial goals. Just like a top pro athlete’s coach, I’ll stay on your back and hold you accountable. I’ll help keep you on track every month so it’ll be darned near impossible NOT to reach the goals we set. Yes, this is all included in the subscription! ($250 value)

That’s not all you get as a member of my Security Maverick Coaching Club, though. You will also receive...

Smokin Security NewsletterThe Smokin Security™ Newsletter: You will receive a full subscription to my monthly security and low-voltage business marketing newsletter. There is nothing like this newsletter anywhere in the world! I urge you to look for an equal…I guarantee you will not find one! It’s a newsletter exclusively designed and written for security and low-voltage installers. It is literally busting at the seams with powerful and compelling marketing strategies, and a MASSIVE amount of “How To” direct-response marketing and selling tips, specifically for YOU and YOUR security business. You'll also get tons of live direct marketing pieces you can use right away in your security business. With this newsletter, you'll learn how to consistently attract more new “pre-qualified” customers who are EAGER to work with you and how-to start charging MORE for your security services! I can’t even gauge how much this little beauty is worth. The design of the marketing sample pieces alone are worth thousands of dollars each and the sales copy – tens of thousands.

The Service That Soars™ Newsletter: You will receive a full subscription to my quarterly client newsletter, also exclusively designed for security and low-voltage installers. This ready-made system is the most powerful prospecting, stay-in-contact and referral producing tool on the planet! You can personalize this piece with all your contact info, mail it out quarterly to your clients and prospects, then kick back and watch how it effortlessly attracts new clients and enjoy the on-going cascade of referrals it brings in! ($150 value)
The Secure Zone™ Monthly Client e-Newsletter (electronic version):
You will receive a full subscription to The Secure Zone™ e-Newsletter. It's a monthly, electronic newsletter for your clients and prospects that is completely “done-for-you”. It’s an incredible, stay-in-contact, referral producing tool that will bring you in a steady stream of new clients, repeat business and referrals on a monthly basis. Because it’s in electronic form, this newsletter can quickly and easily be emailed out to all your prospects and clients! ($29 value)
Smokin’ Security Marketing Membership Site:
Full membership to my exclusive Smokin’ Security Marketing Membership Site where you’ll have complete access to all of our videos, audios and special marketing reports. (Priceless!)

Over $19,686 worth of FREE bonuses To Anyone Accepted Into The Program

Bonus #1: One 30-minute Marketing Makeover consultation with me where I will analyze your current marketing programs and give you specific, step-by-step instructions and strategies to immediately improve your business and explode your profits! ($375 value)

Bonus #2: One of Bob's Many Favorite Marketing Books! ($65.00 value)

Bonus #3: My smokin’ hot 8-panel business card – loaded with marketing prose that are proven to sell! ($497 value)

Bonus #4: A $500 boot-camp certificate – Good toward my Security Profits Explosion Seminar ($500 value)

Bonus #5: Every other month, you will receive one of Seven (7) KILLER Security Marketing Coaching Modules, worth over $18,249.00. Through implementation of these modules you will have the foundation of the marketing program I’ve built in my own Security Business, knowledge which has cost me upwards of a hundred thousand dollars. I guarantee these will fetch you mucho dinero when you implement them.

Bonus # 6: Bob’s Secret 11 Word Email that brings in serious sales! (Priceless)

A coaching module will be delivered to your door every other month.Oh, your going to be a very busy beaver! They are:

Module 1: Testimonial System Generator ($1,500 value)

Module 2: Cash-Surge Generator ($1,500 value)

Module 3: Killer Direct Mail Postcard ($2,000 value)

Module 4: Killer Sales Letter with Faxback Form & Testimonial Sheet ($5,000 value)

Module 5: A Wicked Sneaky and Diabolical, Advanced Lead Generation System ($500 value)

Module 6: Thank You Card System ($250 value)

Module 7: YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD YOU! ($7500 value)

Your First Step Toward High Income, Stress-Free Living

Because I give so much of my personal time, energy, and resources to this program, I want it to be the most fun, most exhilarating, and most profitable program I’ve ever done. This is a VERY special program. So, not only must I keep the Club limited in size to ensure that I give our best attention to it’s Members, but I must also be sure that every Member of the Security Maverick Coaching Club is truly serious about maximizing their success. Therefore, I’ve decided that only a certain “caliber” of security installer may be involved in this program.With that in mind, you must show me that you are serious about making changes in your business and your lifestyle by completing and returning the membership application (at the bottom of the page) and questionnaire that I will email you, for review.

To be considered for this program, you must:

1) Be very, very, serious about your desire to (at least) double or triple your income in the next 12 months or so.

2) You must be willing to take the time to work with me and participate in the group coaching calls to develop a solid plan (with our guidance) for success in ALL areas of your business and follow through on the plan!

3) You must be beyond the “magic bullet” mentality – not expecting us to do it all for you, but committed to a “partnership” approach.

4) You must be willing to make a substantial re-allocation of time, energy, and resources to MAXIMIZE your success. I promise you, IT WILL BE WORTH IT A YEAR FROM NOW!!

5) You must be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them and move on. There is no need to be defensive–we’re here to help!

6) You must not have a “Victim” mentality; this program is not for whiners, egomaniacs, or anyone who cannot see their failures and take responsibility for themselves and their actions – honestly this program is for “Gamers” who recognize the realities behind success.

7) You must be honest and always try to do the “right thing”.

8) You must be a pleasant person. I only want to work with people who are socially and intellectually stimulating to me.

I suggest you take the next step toward success by filling out the membership application form and faxing it to my office. I promise you that our journey together in the Security Maverick Coaching Club will be one of the most satisfying, most rewarding, most profitable, and most fun experiences you’ll ever have.
Hey, and don’t be intimidated if you don’t feel like a “success” yet. I’m far more interested in your desire to improve and your willingness to take action to get new results in your life than I am in any past success you have (or haven’t) had.

So, if you are serious about FINALLY reaching your goals (or even just defining them), if you’re serious about realizing your dreams, and finding that perfect balance between success and peace of mind, then you owe it to yourself to fill out the membership form and return it to my office immediately, while space is still available in this exclusive Club.

I’m looking forward to helping you make the next 12 months and beyond your BEST months ever. I’m sure you are as well.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your membership in the Security Maverick Coaching Club, you may cancel at the 60 day enrollment mark and receive all of your money back. Any cancellations after the 60 day enrollment mark, will result in a no-money back cancellation. However, all cancellations within 60 days must return all marketing materials received in the program during the 60 day period to Security Marketing Guru and sign a waiver stating you will not use the marketing materials for any purpose whatsoever that have been returned and refunded. Once all the marketing materials and the signed waiver are received by Security Marketing Guru, the refund will be issued.

To cancel your enrollment after the no-money back cancellation period, simply fax or email your request prior to the 1st day of the month you wish to cancel and it will be processed within 1 Business day, failure to submit your cancellation request prior to the 1st day of the month, you intend to cancel will result in a subscription charge for that month. Those eligible for a refund will receive the refund within 30 days from the receipt of the cancellation request. Enrollment corresponds with the date this application is received. Candidates who submit their applications after the 20th day of the month will not be accepted into the program until the 1st day of the ensuing month.

*By signing up for this program, you agree to the following: I agree that I am joining the Coaching Club for the minimum period of 12 months and will be charged in the middle of each month the sum of $347 (unless pre-pay option is selected). After the year is completed, I will continue as a member and will automatically be charged every month until I decide to terminate my membership. I understand that requests for termination must be given by the 1oth day of the month prior to the month that I wish to cancel. Bob Maunsell Direct d.b.a Security Marketing Guru has your permission to contact you regarding related information via mail, email, fax, and phone.

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*By signing up for this program, you agree to the following: I agree that I am joining the Coaching Club for the minimum period of 12 months and will be charged in the middle of each month the sum of $347 (unless pre-pay option is selected). After the year is completed, I will continue as a member and will automatically be charged every month until I decide to terminate my membership. I understand that requests for termination must be given by the 1oth day of the month prior to the month that I wish to cancel. Bob Maunsell Direct d.b.a Security Marketing Guru has your permission to contact you regarding related information via mail, email, fax, and phone.


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These are copyrighted materials protected by strict copyright law! As a paying member, in good standing, in the Maverick Coaching Club, you have a “limited use” of the printed materials, digital mastered copies and all content provided in this program. ”Limited use” being defined as: All printed materials and digital master copies that are provided by Security Marketing Guru and/or Bob Maunsell Direct are for program members exclusively. They are intended for distribution to your company’s customers, clients and prospects only.

These materials are not intended, nor allowed, to be shared or distributed to any other persons or businesses. Reselling of printed and digital material is strictly prohibited. You are not authorized to share material in chat rooms or on the internet, nor circulate them within trade associations or other groups to which you may belong. Also, as a member in the Maverick Coaching Club, your “limited use” of all printed material, digital mastered copies and all content is being leased. Therefore, if you cancel membership, your leasing right expires, upon the cancellation, and your right to “limited use” of the printed material, digital mastered copies and all content expires.

Damages, through legal prosecution, will be sought to the full extent of the law if any of the copyright rules set forth in the above paragraph are broken. Criminal and Civil action will be brought forth. Damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars can be awarded, as well as payment of all legal fees arising from the suit. In addition, the government can criminally prosecute you for copyright infringement. If convicted, you can be fined up to $250,000, or sentenced to jail for up to 5 years, or both.

You have made a significant investment in the right to use these materials. It would be to your disadvantage to freely give them away or continue unauthorized use as a non-member.