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Discover How To Convert Prospects To Clients,
Draw In New Sales From Repeat Clients & Get More Referrals

A little Marketing 101: An educated buyer ALWAYS spends more  - and a client newsletter is the very BEST marketing strategy to utilize for maximizing your client attraction & retention, plus increase sales and referrals. A properly designed newsletter will help create and reinforce your image as "the security expert" in your marketplace and the "go-to guy" for all things security.  It will build an iron-fence around your herd of clients and keep them loyal to you for life.

4-In-1 Marketing Tool
This amazing e-newsletter offers you four incredible marketing uses from just one marketing piece, so you get a whole lotta bang for the buck!

1) Email the e-Newsletter Out To All Your Prospects & Clients.

2) Use the Commercial & Residential Security Articles for Social Media Postings (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)

3) Blog the Commercial & Residential Security Articles On Your Website (blogging is mandatory nowadays to keep relevant with Google and to help with your site’s ranking on Google.)

4) Print the e-Newsletter and use it as a handout or stuff it in a quote pack for prospects and clients to show that you are a knowledgeable, expert security company that educates and informs its clients.

These monthly Secure Zone™ e-newsletters will create a lot of interest and buzz amongst your clients and prospects because they include tips on commercial and residential security (that soft-sell these services for you!) and interesting and engaging topics, like Health Alert, Gossip Alert and Tech Alert, that attract attention and curiosity from a broad readership base.

The Secure Zone™ e-newsletter also includes a cool Rock 'N Roll Trivia section that solicits responses from your readers, so that they are reaching out to you on a regular basis - keeping you and your company fresh on your clients’ and prospects’ minds. Therefore, when they think SECURITY they know who to call and who to refer!

Great Referral Source - Readers Will Forward To Prospects For Exponential Sales Growth!
Being in email format, the Secure Zone™ e-Newsletter is also very easy for your readers to forward along to family, friends and colleagues and will do the selling for you!

The Secure Zone™ e-newsletter is provided to you in Microsoft Word format (all content is in English), plus you'll receive all the images as JPEGs. Each month, we'll send you an email with security company's (ESG's) version of the Secure Zone™ e-newsletter (see image), plus attached Word doc and JPEG images. All you have to do is take the Word file, edit it with your company logo and contact information, copy and paste the information into your email program and send it out. Or, you can edit the Word document with your company info, convert the file to a PDF and attach it to the email you're sending out to your clients and prospects. All very simple to do!

The Secure Zone™ Monthly Client Newsletter (electronic version)

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*Your investment in the Secure Zone™ monthly client e-newsletter is $39 per month.

For our Smokin' Security Newsletter Plus members, you'll get the Secure Zone™ monthly client e-newsletter for only $29 per month (a 34% savings and another great benefit of membership!
Of course all you Security Maverick & Mini Maverick Members get it for FREE!!)*

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P.S. When you sign up to receive The Secure Zone™ monthly e-newsletter, your credit card will be billed $39 per month ($29 for SSN members) and at the beginning of each month you will receive the current month's version of The Secure Zone™ e-newsletter.P.S.S. To cancel your subscription, just send an email to or call us at 508-835-1123 and we'll promptly cancel your order.


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