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To Sum It All Up, You’re Like A Trainer, Bringing Your Students To The Next Level…

Dear Bob,

I would like to take a few moments to share with you some comments on your service.I have been in the security business for about 20 years, 10 years of this time owning and operating my own security business. We have been chugging along but not really lighting the world on fire. Being that we have spent a fair amount of money on marketing and not really getting the results that we wanted, we decided to give your security maverick program a try. Since we began the program about 3 months ago we have been not only busy rebranding our company, but also with your help thinking way outside the box.

With your assistance we have put together a system for generating testimonials from our existing customers, as well as all of our new customers. We now have a testimonial book that we present to every new prospect. This book has no less than 12 – 15 solid testimonials from various residential and commercial customers.We have created a referral coupon that rewards our existing customers for recommending their family, friends and business associates to us. We have started to see our coupons coming back to us in referral sales. We have published “our” version of “21 ways to cat burglar proof your home” and are using this “FREE” report in our local advertising. Local advertising, that’s another story. With the input of yourself and your staff, we are starting to dominate the local publications with our “Firefighter Bob” campaign. I could go on but to sum it all up, you’re like a trainer, bringing your students to the next level. Pushing us to Step forward and position our company as the experts in the security business. As far as your staff, they have always been there to assist with questions or input on programs.

Thanks for your support,

“Firefighter Bob” Wilburn
Code 3 Safety Solutions

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